What Is The Wall Of Shame?

Excellent question! The Wall Of Shame is my solution to people calling me ‘Nat’ (a nickname I hate with a fiery passion) out of the blue. Only one person on earth is allowed to call me ‘Nat’ and get away with it, and that’s Tess. You are permitted to call me Natalie, Natalie Therese, or if you really want to nickname me, Reese.

Now if you do call me by the Nickname That Shall Not Be Used, I add your name to the Wall Of Shame Widget for all the world to see. Want to get your name removed? You can use my contact form to formally take it back and/or apologize. For example,

”Hi, Natalie
I sincerely regret my egregious violation of civility [date when your offense occurred] I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart for calling you by the Nickname That Shall Not Be Used, and I hope you’ll forgive me.
[your name]

(other similarly apologetic wordings are accepted)