Dear Pinterest…


Dear Pinterest, where would I be without you? On my darkest days, you were there in my favorites bar to console me with ridiculous memes that are only funny when you’re desperate.

Then again, without you, I’d probably have done better on that Latin final, because I’d have studied more if you weren’t there to distract me every 30 seconds.

But you did have gloriously colorful tantalizing pictures of cute flash cards that I was drooling over.


Yet, the problem with you is that the ideas I get from your library of approximatley 4.7 gazillion images and ideas always turn out looking terrible, from that failed crochet unicorn (ended up with a depressed looking groundhog with a misshapen lump on his forehead) to that time I tried to make keto fudge sauce (ended up with gaggingly sweet chocolate glop).

You were there for all my obsessions, from the ones that lasted two minutes (ombre hair) to the ones that have lasted two years (The Flaaaaaaash….Artemis Fowl!!!)


You made me realize that while I may be painfully socially awkward, a complete weirdo, geek, and nerd, I’m not the only one.

There are plenty of other people with my problem, we just only come together on the internet. Oh, joy.

I literally have a board entitled ”So True” for all those pins that make me go; ”OH D’ARVIT YAS”

Dear Pinterest, thank you for being there for all my fangirling needs;

But please, stop making me want so many things, for the love of lemurs, I’m never going to be able to get all of this, I have no money.

Pinterest, thank you for introducing me to LoadingArtist, Odd1sOut, and Sheldon thee Tiny Dinosaur, three hilarious webcomics that have kept me laughing (”What do I have to live for? Oh, wait, new LoadingArtist on Tuesday!”).

Dear Pinterest, you are many things, a distraction, and a great tool. (But mostly a distraction)

So thank you.

Yours Always, Except When I Have Schoolwork Or My Laptop Is Dead,


Thoughts On Pinterest?

Home Alone (With My Siblings)

Home Alone(With My Siblings).png

Parents; ”We’re going out tonight, you and your older brothers are in charge, everyone should go to bed at 10 pm.”

Me; ”Sure, Mom.”

Ah, yes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Annnnd yet it never is.

Home alone with my siblings; I have actually had to utter these sentences…

”No, we are not going to set those moldy grapes on fire, put the matches down!”

”Do not feed the cats cheese! Eat it yourself!”


”Ohhhh no, no M rated games for you!”

I’ve actually had to…

  • Spray my cats with the hose in February to break up a cat fight
  • Wash shrimp alfredo sauce out of my sister’s hair because ”somebody” flipped a plate off the table
  • Fish my glasses out of the sink because they fell off when my younger brother came barreling through the kitchen while I was clearing the table
  • Rewrite an entire post on my blog because a rogue golf ball just happened to hit the power button on my laptop (don’t ask where the ball came from)

However, we have had some awesome XBOX battles, and Monopoly tournaments.

I usually get to cook on nights when my parents go out, which I love.

I get a free pass to use my laptop all evening, which means I can churn out a post or two (if I’m not too distracted by Pinterest)

And, of course, my little sister and I can giggle together after we go to bed without having to freeze every time we hear footsteps outside our door.

Do you ever stay home with you siblings?