American Stereotypes Debunked ft. Bayance

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The long awaited part twooooo of our (mine and Bayance’s ) Canada and USA collab! Now we finally get to debunk and find out the truth behind Canadian stereotypes of Americans-and don’t forget to check out Bayance’s post as she debunks my preconceived notions of Canadians.

Q. When is America going to realize that they should ban guns instead of kinder eggs?
A. Uh…never? The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms, so we are not ever  banning firearms, but at some point they’ve gotta make an amendment to allow Kinder Eggs…I mean, the FDA doesn’t allow them because of ”choking hazards” but seriously, nobody’s going to choke on that capsule…AND IT’S CHOCOLATE FOR THE LOVE OF LEMURS.
Q. Do all American schools have cheerleaders?
A. As far as I know, but I have like no experience with schools, so I can’t say for sure.
Q. Is every football player a jerk in America?
A. Nope, I know a guy who plays football and he’s pretty nice. Although I’ve definitely heard that football players often get really snobby.
Q. Is there a lot of racism?
A. No, not really. I’ve never actually witnessed any, and although some people blame it for not getting accepted into colleges and jobs, I honestly think we’re pretty racism-free. 
Q. Are people from Texas all cowboys (and girls)?
A. Nope! I know several people from Texas and some of them have never even ridden a horse..
Q. Do people is the US really get homeschooled because kids are mean?
A. Oh, no. I’m homeschooled because my mom loves teaching, but I’ve never even gone to school. I’ve heard of lots of people begging to be homeschooled because of bullying or just hating school, but most parents don’t just pull their kids from school and homeschool them just because of jerks.
Q. Are there really different accents in different US states?
A. Yes! In the south, people say ”y’all”, and in Boston people pronounce ‘er’ as ‘ah’ (chowder vs chowdah).
Q. Do most people have blond hair in America?
A. Actually, brunette is more common. A lot of brunettes dye their hair blonde, which could contribute to the stereotype, and then there’s Barbie dolls, so that might be it. But for the record, I’m blonde, haha.
Q. Do all youtubers really live in America
A. Um, no, I’m pretty sure Youtubers live all over the world. Exhibit A: Agoverseasfan. Boom.
Q. Does everyone really hate Donald Trump?
A. Oh, dear me, no. I certainly don’t, it’s really just the media who wants his head on a platter. Really, he only got elected because he was a  billion times better than Hillary Clinton, who would have killed the country a billion different ways, and is also a complete crook. So…yeah, no.
Haha, so clearly, Bayance’s got some warped views of Americans…go check out my probably even more warped views of Canadians in her post.
Thanks for reading, guys!
Favorite stereotype? Thoughts on Kinder Surprise Eggs?



Question+Answer|Summer Edition


Hey, there, guys! It’s finally here-my first Q&A post. I got some awesome questiosn form all of you, so let’s just jump right in.

Mary E. asked;

Q.If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy?

A. Hmmmm….probably get a .com domain for TTC, get a purebred siamese (I love siamese cats, they’re awesome), redo my room, and then  if there was any money left over, probably use the rest on my doll hobby.

Q.What is your favorite dog breed?

A. I’m not really a dog person (nothing wrong with them, I just like cats better), but I really like yorkies.

Q.What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

A. My t-shirt that has my dance school’s logo on it.

Q.Do you like doing laundry?

A. Noooooooooo!!

Q.What would be your top 3 things to see in Paris?

A. OK, to be honest, if I was in Paris I’d probably just spend all my time eating cheese and chocolate and gelato.

Q.Fave dessert: ice cream, cake, chocolate, or cheesecake?

A. Can it be chocolate cake with ice cream?

Q.If you could be any bird, which one would you be?

A. If I was any bird, I think I’d be a parakeet; insanely chatty and sometimes awkward, but if I could be any bird, I’d love to be a hawk.

Q.If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

A. Does this person have to exist? Because I’d love to meet Foaly. But I assume you mean an actual person, and in that case, maybe Misty Copeland.

Q.Who is the author you would most want to sit down and have tea with?

A. Kerry Weber.


Liz-Home With The Hummingbirds asked;

Q. What are your answers to the questions you asked us??? 😉

A. 1) I love pineapple on pizza. 2) They both have bills, but only one has feathers. 3) I dyed my hair red.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Cake! And kale chips.

Q. Why did you start your blog?

A. Honestly, it was because I felt like I was talking wayyy too much on my doll blog, and people kept asking if I had a personal blog.
Q. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

A. Every Christmas Eve, my family goes to Midnight Mass, and then we all read The Night Before Christmas before going to bed (at 1 am, no less)

Q. What are your plans for this summer?

A. Dancing en pointe!! And swimming a lot, I guess, My summer is pretty lowkey this year.

AGsInAlaska asked;

Q. What do you hate the most about ballet?

A. Oh, that’s hard. I love almost everything about ballet, but…I really hate the way people start acting sometimes when they get a big role and are suddenly super conceited. I think most people will agree with me.
Q. Favorite food?

A. Cake! And Kale chips.

Bella asked

Q. Who are your favorite celebrities?

A. Honestly, I’m super out of touch with the celebrity world, so….I have no idea.

Q. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

A. I really love Good Mythical Morning and StudioC

Q. What made you want to start a blog?

A. So I could rant about my life, I suppose.

Q. What are some of the things on your summer bucket list?

A. Here are a couple of highlights;

1) Go sit on a park bench somewhere wearing an LEP t-shirt, reading Artemis Fowl, and see if anyone notices the correlation.

2) Sleep out in my treehouse one night

3) Find a banister to slide down somewhere


Thanks so much to everyone who asked questions! I had so much fun answering them.

And now your answers to the questions I asked you;

What’s the difference between a duck and an insurance company?

Julia said; “Well, a duck can swim when it sinks but I don’t really know if an insurance company can.”

Haha, awesome, Julia! Very true!

Opinions of pineapple on pizza?

Bella said; ”I don’t discriminate on pizza toppings, so I think that pineapples on pizza are good…just as long as there aren’t too many!”

I agree, Bella!

If you could dye your hair, what color would you choose?

Liz said; ”I don’t think I want to dye my hair. If I had to, I would just do a darker brown than it is now. 😉 ”

Sounds super pretty, Liz!

Thanks again, guys!



Question+Answer|Ask Away


Hey, guys! Sorry I disappeared again, this week was tech week for my ballet school’s production of Cinderella, and yesterday and today I was there for somewhere on the order of 8 hours.

Anyway, this is just a quick post to let you know that I’m doing a Q&A! I tried this on my other blog but nobody asked any questions, so I’m trying again here. Ask me anything, and I’ll answer! That’s not all, though. My Q&A has a twist; I’ll ask you some questions, and my favorites will be posted with the Q&A.

Summer Questions;

Opinions of pineapple on pizza?

What’s the difference between a duck and an insurance company?

If you could dye your hair, what color would you choose?

One more thing-I’ve been a little uninspired lately, so I’d love some post requests!

Ask away, cupcakes!