So Long, January: Hello February!

So long, January..png

Hello, peeps! It’s the last day of January! WHERE DID IT GO?? ONLY 11 MONTHS OF 2018 LEFT! I thought today would be a good day to wrap things up and too let you know what I’m doing next month.

Looking Back

This month,  I;

  • Started TTC! *fireworks*
  • Had my birthday
  • Realized a lot of important things about blogging (Do you want a post on that?)
  • Posted 8 times on TTC
  • Crocheted adorable little amigurumi octopi! They were so cute!
  • Hit 63 followers on my doll blog, and hit 21 followers here

Wowza! That’s a lot! January was pretty darn great, and I’m looking forward to February.

Peeking Ahead

In February I’ll;

  • Be posting some great stuff including a review, a Valentine’s Day survival guide, and an awesome collab with the amazing¬†Zella
  • Losing a bunch of teeth. I have like, 3 that are loose right now, and I need to lose them so I can get braces. Yay! (Sarcasm, I’m not really looking forward to a mouthful of wires).
  • Obsessively waiting every week for it to be 9 pm on Thursday so I can watch The Flash…because I am shamelessly obsessed with that show.
  • Making all-natural gummy fruit snacks! I tried once before, but I didn’t strain the mixture enough, so I had jellies rather than gummies. I’ll do a post/video on how that goes.
  • Be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 13th because unfortunately it falls on Ash Wednesday this year, and I have to fast…any other Catholics here relate?
  • Might make an insta or Facebook! Still considering this one.

How was your January? What are looking forward to doing in February?