In Which I Talk About Valentine’s Day


Why, look, it’s Chocolate Sale At Walgreen’s Eve!

Before I start waxing satirically philosophical and making fun of Valentine’s Day, a disclaimer; I don’t know much about the romantic side of the holiday. And by ‘not much’ I mean absolutely nothing. I’m 13, guys, and all my romantic passion has been poured out upon fictional characters and cats. You have been disclaimed. (I have been disclaimed? What does the verb ”disclaim” modify?  This is way too complicated, please ignore me).

Now, according to Wikipedia (which has the answer to all questions, except the one pertaining to Life, The Universe and Everything, and that’s common knowledge), Valentine’s Day began as the celebration of the feast day of an early saint who was named, of course, Valentine.

Screenshot_2019-02-14 Valentine's Day - Wikipedia

Time wore on, and the rest of the world decided this was an ideal time to sabotage people’s New Year’s resolutions and send the chocolates, plus exacerbate their pollen allergies and send them flowers, all in the name of love. And Bing Crosby produced an album of what I hear is terrible music.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly like that….

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is great if you’re in a that perfect [read: fairytale/nonexistent] romantic relationship.

There’s a dancer meme that circulates every February that I always snicker at.


Although it’s partially to make myself feel better about my pathetic singles and very rare doubles. And I stumble out of them a lot. It’s really not pretty.

Isn’t it horrible?

Otherwise…well, do you like mass-produced flavorless candy with cheesy abbreviated messages and horribly GIMP’d heart shaped images of kittens that disgrace the feline race?


No? Huh, go figure.

  • 144 million Valentines are manufactured and sold in the U.S. alone, according to Hallmark.
  • According to a National Retail Federation Survey, Americans spent $18.2 billion on Valentine’s paraphernalia in 2017.
  • 3% of pet owners purchase valentines for their pets every year (…don’t ask).
  • And yet, 3 in 10 Americans say they skip Valentine’s Day.

And, of course I hear Valentine’s Day can be downright excruciating if you’re single, so some lovely, caring soul created Single Awareness Day, to be celebrated (wallowed in?) on February 14th.

Yeah, I thought that was somewhere between slightly odd and completely ridiculous.

If you’d rather not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but still want an excuse to celebrate something, not to worry, you have options!

  • National Ferris Wheel Day-But depending on your fear of heights, it might make you just as nauseous as reading a cheesy card.
  • National Library Lovers Day-You can go sit in the library with a book, and maybe even fall in love with another fictional character who will probably break your heart and/or die! (Wait, why was I so cheerful…?) Or give chocolates to your favorite librarian.
  • National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day-need I say anything? Chocolate, guys.

Or wait until the 15th and celebrate Unofficial National Chocolate Sale Day. (One day, it will become official, I’m telling you guys).

So even if you have a terrible 14th, the 15th has discount chocolate, and what’s better than that?

I leave you with that semi-encouraging thought. And a picture of my cat.


Favorite kind of chocolate? Red or pink?




My Completely Unrealistic Birthday Wishlist 2019


Hello there, readers!

So tomorrow I turn 13. Which according to Wikipedia, is a natural number occurring between 12 and 14.


I’m pretty sure you all knew that, so instead of writing a research paper on the number 13, I decided I’d do something else as not to force you guys to chew your own knees off with boredom.


People keep asking me what I want for my birthday, but honestly, there aren’t a whole lot of material things I want. New pointe shoes because my current ones are dying, character shoes because I need them for the mazurka dance we’re doing, maybe some more cats…

If anyone wants to give me a birthday present, give me this

The thing is, there are plenty of intangible things I want. A whole list, actually. And because I know that’s more interesting than rambling on about Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) and in case any of you happen to be interdimensional beings capable of powers perceived by normal humans as magic (if any of you are, please grant at least one of my wishes and make me incredibly happy) here’s the complete list:

  1. The ability to nail single and double pirouettes every time, in addition to a perfect extension.
  2.  For every one of those stupid rainbow pride flags to be obliterated from the Earth, and for everyone who supports that cause to come to their senses and/or cease and desist.
  3.  To actually look good in a leotard and tights
  4. For some terrible misfortune to befall the production of the Artemis Fowl movie such that causes it to be scrapped (said misfortune must be irreversible in order to leave no chance of the movie being made again)
  5.  For Minnie Mouse to be erased from the history of the world and henceforth made illegal
  6.  For my friend Joy to spontaneously move in right next to me so we can hang out every day
  7.  Ditto the above with my cousin
  8.  For my cats to suddenly gain the ability to speak English and/or walk on their hind legs like Bucky and Satchel
  9. To have long, thick, straight hair that goes easily into a bun
  10.  To run into a certain dark-haired, blue-eyed Irish boy named Artemis, and a certain sarcastic redheaded elf
  11. For all the incredibly stupid drama at dance to cease and desist, and for everyone who participated in it to be thoroughly ashamed.
  12.  For several more siblings, and for the Russian Adoption Ban to be lifted
  13.  Oh yeah, and peace and goodwill to all mankind.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for my whole blogiversary/birthday shebang, including me being annoyingly sappy and numerous cake photos.

Most unrealistic thing you want currently?


Updates & More

Updates &.png

Hello, peeps! I’ve got a whole bucket-no, boatload-of news for you guys!

If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I’m slowing my posting down a bit on that blog for a little while. While it’s not specifically to focus on TTC, I will be doing some more on here. Some of these awesome updates are;

  • I’m getting a domain for TTC! I originally wasn’t planning to, but I found a hosting service that (shhh!) has waaaaay better prices than WP. I will most likely be making the big switch sometime in the next two weeks.
  • We’ve got a mascot! Yep, you read that right! I’d like you to meet Jeb, TTC’s officially un-licensed mascot (but don’t you dare steal him).
Fig. 1. Jeb
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock or need glasses, you’ve probably noticed the new ‘Hall of Portals’ page! It’s basically just my unique take on the ‘buttons’ pages other blogs have. If you’d like to trade buttons, just let me know down below!
  • I have a very, very special surprise being set up on TTC’s new site! That’s all I can say currently, though. (sorrynotsorry)
  • This is technically unrelated to blogging, but I’m kind of bubbling over right now…my Mom said we could start looking for another cat to adopt! I’m voting for a seal-gray siamese.

I hope this post wasn’t too random and discombobulated, hehe. I’m certainly looking forward to TTC’s update, are you?


5 Common Ballet Myths Debunked

5 common.png

Hello, there peeps! Today I thought I’d debunk some common myths about ballet-because as a dancer, I this drives me crazy! So, without further ado, real ballet!

Myth #1. Ballerinas Are All Skinny, Tiny Wimps

Yeah….no. First of all, we are not all tiny and skinny. I am certainly not an incredibly skinny person, and I dance. In fact, incredibly skinny people often have a lot of trouble in dancing because it’s harder for them to balance. Second of all, dancers are very, very strong. Think about it; we have to support our entire body weight through our toes and ankles. Plus, we have to have iron-strong cores in order to be lifted off the ground and not flop. We also have to hold our legs up at insanely high angles for long periods. We are not weak, guys.

Myth #2. ”Toe Shoes”

UGH! NO! They are known as POINTE shoes, not toe, block, or hard shoes. And don’t you dare spell it ‘Point’. And no, you don’t get them whenever you want. In order to get pointe shoes, you have to have correct technique, a strong core, and your feet need to mostly done growing. Otherwise, you can seriously injure yourself.

Myth #3. We Wear Tutus to Every Class

At my ballet school, we are only allowed to wear cap-sleeved or camisole leotards in our assigned colors, pink tights, and pink canvas ballet shoes. No lace, no keyhole backs, no leather shoes. Except on Saturdays, when we’re there for 4 hours, and we can wear whatever we want, any other kind of attire is frowned upon. We only wear tulle skirts for performances, and actual tutus are usually reserved for older dancers (except this year, I finally get to wear one! JOY!)

Myth #4. All Ballets Are About Princesses

Nope! Take the Nutcracker-not a single princess in that one, unless you count the sugarplum fairy. Don Quixote, Les Sylphides, and Le Corsair are all princess-free. So there. And another note-NEVER watch the Barbie versions of these ballets-they are utterly incorrect.

Myth #5. Ballet is Easy

It’s not. Just no.


Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed my little rant on the myths of ballet- I need to wrap this up quick, ’cause I have class in an hour, hehe.







How to Survive Any Bad Day

How to surviveany bad day.png

Everyone’s had them at some point. You wake up, and just know today is going to suck. And it does. You get an F on your math test, your favorite shirt is stained, and you drop your lunch in the mud. On, and on, and on the misfortune goes, until the day ends and you lie in bed hating yourself and feeling awful.

Well, I’m here to rescue you, along with my friend, Billy Bob the Blobfish.

Bob is an expert in bad days and feeling mopey. Bob, what can you tell us about bad days?

”I hate them.”

No, I mean, what causes them?

”Aliens with lasers shooting from their eyeballs abducting you and then putting you back.”

Excuse me?


Sure what?

”Sure, you’re excused.”

Well, can you tell us about a bad day you had recently?

”Oh, yeah, totally. I woke up, and I ate the worst sandwich ever, because my roommate Joe the octopus makes awful sandwiches but I needed to clear out the fridge, so I ate one and it was terrible. Then I just went back to bed.”

Okay, then. Thank you, Bob.

”I’d say it was a pleasure, but it wasn’t really, because I’d rather have slept in.”

Seeing as how utterly unhelpful Billy Bob was, I’ll just do this whole thing myself. Usually, I find that bad days are caused by one little thing going wrong. That one thing sets the mood for the rest of the day, and everything goes wrong. For example, Bob said he ate a terrible sandwich. Had he not just gone back to bed, he probably would have found that everything else was awful and terrible and it all sucked.

It’s tempting to just go back to bed when you’re having a bad day, as Bob demonstrated, but here’s the raw truth; If you go back to bed, you’re letting that day kick you. Do you want to just quietly let that stupid bad day push you around?

”Meh. Whatever. As long as I have a sandwich, I’m good.”

Bob, why are you still here?

”I kinda fell asleep and going home is too much work. You got any bread?”

Ah, look in the cabinet over there. Anyway, as I was saying, going to back to bed is defeat. The bad day has won. Instead of letting the day win, here’s how to fight it;

  1. Realize that you can always turn your day around, at any time, whether you just got up, or you just finished lunch.
  2. When you feel the bad-day demons crawling up to you, punch them in the nose and stick a sock over their head take a step back. Realize that just because your shirt is stained doesn’t mean that everything else has to be bad. Take a deep breath, and wear your second favorite shirt.
  3. Do something nice for someone. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but-

”Hey, would you mind spreading peanut butter on this sandwich? My fins are too stubby. Or maybe I’m just  too lazy. I’m too lazy to find out.”

Fine. *Starts spreading peanut butter* as I was saying, doing something nice for someone else can seriously boost your mood. It’s actually been scientifically proven, believe it or not. Bob, here’s your sandwich.

”Thanks.” *mamf*

4. Smile. Even if you don’t feel happy, just smile. It will make a difference.

I hope this post will help you next time you have a bad day, and-

*snores loudly*

I’m just gonna wrap this up quickly, hehe.

I feel like a

I hope this post helps you next time you feel like Bob.





Valentines’ Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Parmesan Cheese.png

Valentine’s day! A day of love, friendship, and chocolate!


A day of mutual peace, at least?


A day of total embarrassment because you gave the person you hate the wrong impression that you like them because you gave them a card only because you had to give one to everyone?

Nailed it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though! You don’t have to end up in a wreck, and you don’t have to break your piggy bank to get a card to everyone. I’ve got ideas for everyone on your list, from the person you actually like to the person you can’t stand.

Let’s start with the latter.

For the Person You Loathe


Option #1. Give ’em a plastic sandwich bag with a few conversation hearts and a typed note that says ”Happy valentine’s day”. Extra credit if the conversation hearts are slightly crushed.

Option #2. Give them a disgusted emoji card.

For Your Friends


Option #1. Copy the above quote onto a card, tape it to a chocolate bar. Give to your friend.

Option #2. Make them chocolate covered strawberries, give them a simple red heart card. Eat several strawberries while you are making them.

For The Person You Like


Option #1. Give them a handmade card like the one above.

Option #2. Actually walk up to them, and give them chocolate strawberries. The gesture will be appreciated greatly, trust me.


Here’s to a Valentine’s Day of mutual peace! And chocolate!


So Long, January: Hello February!

So long, January..png

Hello, peeps! It’s the last day of January! WHERE DID IT GO?? ONLY 11 MONTHS OF 2018 LEFT! I thought today would be a good day to wrap things up and too let you know what I’m doing next month.

Looking Back

This month,  I;

  • Started TTC! *fireworks*
  • Had my birthday
  • Realized a lot of important things about blogging (Do you want a post on that?)
  • Posted 8 times on TTC
  • Crocheted adorable little amigurumi octopi! They were so cute!
  • Hit 63 followers on my doll blog, and hit 21 followers here

Wowza! That’s a lot! January was pretty darn great, and I’m looking forward to February.

Peeking Ahead

In February I’ll;

  • Be posting some great stuff including a review, a Valentine’s Day survival guide, and an awesome collab with the amazing Zella
  • Losing a bunch of teeth. I have like, 3 that are loose right now, and I need to lose them so I can get braces. Yay! (Sarcasm, I’m not really looking forward to a mouthful of wires).
  • Obsessively waiting every week for it to be 9 pm on Thursday so I can watch The Flash…because I am shamelessly obsessed with that show.
  • Making all-natural gummy fruit snacks! I tried once before, but I didn’t strain the mixture enough, so I had jellies rather than gummies. I’ll do a post/video on how that goes.
  • Be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 13th because unfortunately it falls on Ash Wednesday this year, and I have to fast…any other Catholics here relate?
  • Might make an insta or Facebook! Still considering this one.

How was your January? What are looking forward to doing in February?




Versatile Blogger Award; Thanks, Zella!


Hello, friendlies! Zella nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award last week, and I’ve been looking forward to doing it. The rules are;

•Thank the person who gave you this award.

•Include a link to their blog.

•Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

•Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.

•Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Thank you, Zella! I really appreciate it!

Check out Zella’s awesome blog;

I won’t be nominating 15 bloggers, but here are some you should definitely check out;

  1. Molly And Moo
  2. Lula Boo
  3. Nancy Drew
  4. AG Doll Dreams

Have fun, you guys!

Now, 7 facts about me;

  • I have gray eyes and blond hair
  • I always have a hair tie (or six) on my wrist
  • I didn’t get my ears pierced or my hair cut until I was ten years old
  • I’m a baptized Roman Catholic
  • I’m nearsighted
  • I love writing, but I’ve never been able to come up with a good story
  • I have an obsession with crayons. I have an enormous box of 164 that I won’t let anyone touch because I don’t want them ground into sad little stubs.

Again, thank you so much, Zella! I really enjoyed this!



Thank You So Much!

animated-thank-you-image-0164I checked my notifications bar today, and WHAT? I have 31 amazing, wonderful followers! That’s insane!


TTC has only been on the web for just under two weeks! That means that an average of two people followed PER DAY. It’s nuts, I’m telling you.

That’s not to say I’m arguing!

Thank you all SO much, you make my day!



Monthly Must-Haves; January!

Hey, there, pretzels! I have a very fun monthly post series for you, starting…today! I’m calling it Monthly Must-Haves, and it’s basically just my wishlist of things I want this month…and probably won’t end up getting because I’m kind of broke. But a girl can dream, right?


image3xxlWomen’s Bell Sleeve High-Low Top, $32, Old Navy

So pretty and spring-ish! (wait, is that a word?) I’m kind of tired of winter at this point; all we east-coasters have had is light snow and sleet. Ugh. I especially like the tiered sleeves.

sian-denim-skirtRiders by Lee Women’s Denim Skirt, $18.02, Walmart

I LOVE the cut and the length. I neeeeeed this! I have a navy blue lace-up top that would look awesome with it.

watermelonteeWomen’s Fleece Lined  Sweatshirt, $19.99,

I am a sweatshirt girl, no doubt. I am drooling over this one with it’s gorgeous color!



Pusheen the Cat Mug, $14.97,

So I have a slight obsession with Pusheen the Cat, and the polka dot background is just so pretty!


Narwhal Throw Blanket, $44.97,

I know, I know, it’s so expensive, BUT IT’S SO CUTE! That little face…the doughnut…..must have this.



Hershey’s Gold, $1.99, Walmart

So technically this isn’t even chocolate per say, but that doesn’t stop me (the chocolate queen) from wanting one! It looks SO TASTY!


Potato Chip Covered Peanuts, $5.99,

Genius, dude. Potato chips and peanuts, in one crunchy delicious bite! And while they are inordinately overpriced online, there’s a Wawa near me that sells them for $2.50 a pack. Mmmmm…

Are you wanting any of these items? What’s on your wishlist this month?