The Superhero War

*Hey guys, hi. This was a post I wrote several months ago that I dug out of my drafts folder. You all seem to enjoy my humorous posts, so here you go. Also, for anyone wondering, yes, this all actually happened.*

Dear People At My Dance Studio (you know who you are)

We’ve been in a social war. And you, ringleader, started it. Don’t try to argue and tell me that it wasn’t, and that it was in fact me who started it that fateful day when I mentioned that I thought Batman was cooler than Ironman. You recoiled in so much overblown teenage-girl horror that anyone watching from a distance probably thought I insulted your mother.

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Let’s Not Make This About Me

Hey guys, hi.

Raise your hand if life right now feels like trying to juggle flaming bowling balls while walking on a tightrope and singing opera.

*raises hand*

Ironically, it’s when life is at its weirdest and most overwhelming that I suddenly want to blog again. I miss taking pictures and writing and answering comments. I miss the thrill of hitting ‘publish’.

Then why haven’t I just started posting again?

Because to be perfectly honest I don’t even know what I blog about anymore. I’m not sure I ever really knew, but somehow it’s only become an issue now.

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Three Leather Jacket Outfits I Can’t Wait To Wear

Hi, people!

I love fall. I realize I’m about to inadvertently ally myself with scores of other teenage girls online who are all collectively shouting ”I LOVE FALL!!!”, so let me set myself apart with a few disclaimers. Sweaters are not my thing, I don’t like pumpkin spice (sorry), cute boots are virtually impossible to find in wide width, and aesthetics puzzle me (someone explain to me how they work? and what their purpose is?)

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Scrunchies, Guitars, And Broken Piggy Banks|All The Recent Amusing Things

featured image inspired by Emmie, whose graphics making skills are way better than mine

Hey, guys!

I’m attempting to come back full-force to the blogiverse, since I really do miss saying ridiculous things online, and miss all my friends here even more. I thought the easiest way to start would be with a somewhat disorganized but at least somewhat entertaining rundown of all the things I’ve been doing. You’re welcome.

In a fit of boredom-induced marketing zeal, last week I actually styled my hair (as opposed to my usual, ‘it-is-what-it-is-and-today-its-a-dumpster-fire’ approach, i.e. just not doing anything), put scrunchies in, and took some promotional photos for my Etsy shop. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to use them for, but they did come out looking pretty okay by my standards.

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Corvettes Don’t Buy Themselves + Get Free Scrunchies!

*Edit: I am now offering a 30% discount on anything in my shop for bloggers and YouTubers wanting to do a sponsored post and/or giveaway*

Hey there, people!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but instead of doing a long ‘sorry-I’ve-been-gone-I-promise-to-do-better-which-in-reality-means-pretty-darn-much-nothing’ post, I bring you something better (I hope).

click to go to aforesaid shop

I’m launching an Etsy shop! The obvious questions:

Why on Earth are you starting an Etsy shop?

You see, at the age of 14.5 I have set my heart on a 1983 white C4 Corvette with a red racing stripe and a 383 engine (any The A-Team fans here will catch my drift). Corvettes, unfortunately, do not buy themselves. Hence, I’m selling scrunchies. Also because it’s summer, I’m bored, and it keeps me out of trouble (ask me about my adventures in prank texting).

What’s so special about YOUR scrunchie shop?

Well if I’m being self-deprecating, not much. If I’m being a half-decent marketing advocate, most scrunchies are priced almost ridiculously high (I’m not paying $7 for a hair tie, even if it’s locally sourced cotton taken with permission from the happy cotton plants and then lovingly hand sewed by fairies into a scrunchie. Sorry). My scrunchies are priced at $2.50 each-even less if you buy a set- with free shipping. Now you have to admit that that’s at least a little less run of the mill (oh also they’re fruit themed. Just saying).

Tell me more about the free scrunchies in the title up there.

Yes, that. Not clickbait, because clickbait is a terrible thing done by terrible human beings. You can indeed get free scrunchies! When starting a new Etsy shop, one of the things you need to do is advertise. And what better way to advertise than to sponsor some posts on the blogiverse? I’d love to send you some scrunchies (some to keep and some to give away) in exchange for a review on your blog!

Interested? Shoot me an email using this exceedingly handy little form (make sure you include your site address, please)

Note, if you’re in the WP reader, you may not see the form and need to go to the actual site. A few people were having link issues with the form, so if it doesn’t work, feel free to email me directly at

#Dancerproblems//Diary Of A Daydreamer Blog Tour

Greetings and salutations!

Did I ever tell you I’m a dancer?

I did? Really? Well, did I ever tell you that Emmie is a dancer, too? And that she’s launching her very own personal blog this week?

Enter Diary Of A Daydreamer!

(first of all, let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate the gorgeousness of this header)

At Diary of a Daydreamer, Emmie shares her ideas, stories, tips, tutorials, lifestyle, songs, creations, and daydreams. On this blog, every Saturday you’ll find posts about blogging, dance, fashion, music, lifestyle, writing, and art! 

(who’s excited for Saturdays?!)

Personally, I get happy, excited vibes from just looking at all her beautiful featured images. They all have ballerinas and pointe shoes! what’s not to like?

Which brings us back to my original topic-dancing!

One of my favorite posts that I do on TTC are my #bloggerproblems posts. It’s about time for another one, but today, instead of #bloggerproblems, it’s #dancerproblems!

Any other dancers out there relate?

Oh, and before you go, make sure to check out Emmie’s fabulous giveaway!

Enter here!

And head on over to her fabulous shiny-new blog!

Go give her some love!

*special thank you to Emmie for inviting me to be a part of this! I’m so honored to be your internet friend and nutjob :)*

Loser With A Dream

Ever have your dreams crushed?

Fun, right?

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I auditioned for the ballet company I’ve been trying to get into for three years.

I honestly thought I had a decent shot this year.

Maybe I did, but a chance is still a chance, and when results came out, I got a rejection letter.

…But it was all a mistake, and they meant to send me an acceptance letter and a note saying that I was the greatest dancer they’d ever seen and they were retroactively giving me every solo and pas du deux role they had for all future shows.

I’m kidding, of course. I got a rejection letter and nothing else, then spent three hours in my tree house crying.

And that wasn’t even the worst of it.

Then I found out that two of the girls from what I have privately dubbed “the unholy trio of extreme social jerkishness” got in.

Which will increase their jerkishness gosh-knows-how-many-times.

My friend Tara didn’t get in either. Even though she’s the kind of person who takes things in a stride, before class on Wednesday instead of chatting like we usually do, we just sat in mutual silence, both of us wondering how on earth Sophie and Gina got in and we didn’t. Finally, Tara said, “I sort of feel like a loser.”

I knotted my ribbons slightly tighter than was probably necessary. “That’s okay, we’re losers with a dream!

(Tara just laughed, since she’s used to my insanity)

It was probably not what most people would have said. But this, friends, is what happens to my sense of humor when my dreams get crushed two years in a row. (There was also the matter of the cat, but that’s a story for another day)

If I’m a loser

And I don’t feel ashamed

Life goes on; and if I’m wrong

I guess I’ll burn in flames

~Pocket Full Of Gold//American Authors

So at the moment, I can unabashedly say that last week sucked like a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. (One of those crazily suction enhanced ones)

But you know what? Just because my circumstances suck doesn’t mean I’m going to let life suck. No, I didn’t get into company. Yes, I’m a loser. But I’m a loser with a dream. And I’m going use everything to my advantage. Life goes on, and as long as I’m breathing and have all my limbs, I’ll be dancing.

Unless the moon explodes

And the sun grows cold

Life will always

It always goes on

~Pocket Full Of Gold//American Authors

Not that’s it’s going to be at all easy. But the amount of support I’ve received after not getting in has helped so much. My entire family tiptoed around me for two days, my little brother trekked through the woods to find my lost ear buds, my mom got me new t-shirts, and my older brother watched my favorite show with me. My friends have been amazing too, especially considering I’ve been a depressed lump last week. Phoenix-Phaedrana sent me freaking adorable cat pictures, my friend Nina made me laugh by just being the wonderful, sweet person she is, and Bayance, who didn’t even know anything was wrong, left me her signature hilarious and apt comments which helped so much.

And hey, not being in company means I can audition for other shows in the area, including a really cool one called Swan Song featuring soul-selling choreographers and tons of dancer jokes. And it means I have extra time to do private pointe lessons.

It’s not what I planned on or fantasized about. But this is plan B, and like Hannibal Smith perpetually says in The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

(Never mind that something almost always explodes or goes awry thirty seconds after he says that line)

I had hoped to be learning things like demi-solos and pointe variations this year. Instead, I’m learning different skills, like overcoming obstacles, initiating a plan B, and some serious acting as I stalwartly refuse to let the jerks get to me.

(Also, horror movie screaming. I’ve been screaming into my pillow a lot, but even my angriest screams sound like those terrified ones in misogynistic horror movies where someone just saw a bloody knife. Not a skill I ever thought I’d want or have, but I’ll take what I can get.)

Bottom line? Life isn’t perfect, but it does have the redeeming feature of going on (most of the time).

Throughout this year, I’m going to be auditioning for shows outside of my dance schools, so I’ll make sure to give you updates every now and then.

This year isn’t going to be all terrible, because I have declared and decided so. And that’s half the battle. (Okay, probably close to 35%)

Stay determined, guys. Or just stay in denial, that works too.

Favorite quote for when life is less than ideal?