August Recap//September Stuff

August Recap__.png

Why, oh why, does August have to be over? I was enjoying all those lazy days so much…

Summer freetime withdrawal aside, nothing much happened this month because I spent it relaxing (which means I was being lazy), but for the sake of posterity here’s a recap.


So, this month I posted three times. And I would have posted this yesterday, but that would have made four times in one month and that wouldn’t have done at all (you’ll only get that if you’ve read Artemis Fowl)

I looked at my poll results and they were…interesting. So nobody cared much for my Q&As, tags/awards, or practical posts. And only 22% of people wanted to see my life posts. Most of you like my funny posts (77.78%)

And ya know what, to be honest, those are my favorite kind of posts to write. TTC may be going through a little rejiggering phase to focus more on the funny, and less on the lifestyle, but it’ll be mostly the same. Just funnier 😉

August’s most popular post was Dear Pinterest… (definitely my favorite, too)

My favorite post from around the blogosphere was probably Struggles Of Having Thick Hair-so relatable!

And that just about wraps up blogging.


This month was so nice and relaxed until all of a sudden at the end I just realized how nuts this year is gonna be, and then more stuff to make it crazier happened.

  • I have ballet 4 days a week
  • I have co-op on Wednesdays and oh, joy, one of my best friends isn’t going to be there because her mom decided to ship her off to public school. I don’t want to be rude (who am I kidding, I’m about to be really salty) but wHaT tHe MoNkEy FrItTeRs WhY?? Like, thanks sooooo much for taking my best friend away from me, I really appreciate it. With legit no warning, she was going to be in the co-op and then last week her mom informed us that she isn’t. Whyyyyyy?
  • I got a new cat! Actually, that was back in July, but I don’t know if I announced it? Anyway, he’s a sweet little gray tuxedo with uneven socks and his name is Apollo. And oh my lemurs, he’s so little! Barely more than a kitten, so he’s super playful and silly. Shhhh-I think I’m his favorite human!
He knocked over my fairy garden and scared the fairies away ;p
  • My ballet school hired me? Haha, no, not like that, I’m a teacher’s assistant on Mondays with the 6-7 year olds, which would be awesome enough, but they’re PAYING me, too!? I get $7/hour towards my tuition, plus I get to help with the little chubs? I said yes, of course, and I can’t wait.
  • A bunch of jerks moved up into my ballet class, but providentially they aren’t en pointe, so I get to escape them for that hour. I can just picture myself leaving class with my pointe shoes over my shoulder just being like, ”Later, losers! Have fun being bored in pre-pointe!” (which I’d never actually do, but it’s funny to think about)
  • I went fishing with my brothers at a nearby inlet of the bay, and they brought an inflatable raft. So after a while, I got tired of fishing from the pier, and asked for a ride in the boat. Well, long story short, I slipped and sat down in the water twice, ended up walking 50 yards just to get back to shore, and caught no fish, but not before I turned back at that raft and yelled ”Curse you and your manufacturers!!” Apparently I’m quite nautically inept. Interestingly the next time we took the raft to the water, it got accidentally stabbed with a fillet knife. Hopefully the curse didn’t reach the manufacturers….
  • I went leotard shopping and had an awesome time, like why have I never done this before?


  • I’m pretty much using GNU/Linux full time now ’cause Windows broke on my laptop, good riddance! Free as in freedom!
  • I learned to do flips on a trampoline-well, less learned, and more just took a risk and tried it. I’m now convinced my family needs one, because we have all this space anyway.
  • I got together with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year, and OMG I just had the best time. We sang all the geeky songs we used to, ran back and forth across the backyard with umbrellas to try to get my brother and his friend’s attention, horsed around in the pool….it was fantastic. Although how I remembered all those ridiculous lyrics is beyond me.
  • Went AIP Paleo and to be honest I’m not liking it that much….

September Stuff

This month’s goals;

  • Keep up with my schoolwork
  • Keep up with both of my blogs
  • Stay Paleo (it’s not happening, I just know it)
  • Save enough money for a laptop I can put Linux on. Windows sucks, spies on me, and supports Planned Parenthood and the alphabet soup gang (LGBT ”marriage”)). Noooooo thank you
  • Freaking actually lose the weight I wanna lose, this month I’m really going to try to do it

How was your August? Are you loving or hating September?


June Recap|July Goals

June Recap_July Goals.png

Hello, cupcakes!

Whew, June both sped by and dragged. I think it’s been one of the best months ever.


  • My church carnival
  • I got to go to Washington D.C.
  • I performed in Cinderella, and wore my first real tutu
  • I spent an awesome afternoon with my cousin (she lives 4 hours away and I hardly ever see her) discussing Artemis Fowl, W.A.R.P., and Percy Jackson.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, June stats;


  • Artemis Fowl Fanfiction

Hehe….I was so sad about Artemis Fowl ending (and the movie is going to s-u-c-k, so that’s no help) and then I found out there’s heaps of fanfiction out there? Me; *screams*

But I did read a lot of it, so….


My June goals were;

  • Survive Tech Week ✔️
  • Write at least three letters✖️
  • Post a minimum of five times (not including this)✖️
  • Go strict keto for a month✔️
  • Sew a ballet skirt✖️

So 2 out of 3. Which is depressing no matter how you slice it. D’Arvit.

July Goals;

  • Enjoy dancing en pointe
  • Post at least five times (tryin’ again, guys)
  • Post on my doll blog at least three times

July’s going to be pretty lowkey, I suppose.

June Favorites;

  • I Want To Run|Mates of State
  • Bad Blood|Bastille
  • Studio C
  • Artemis Fowl Fandom
  • Having red hair


  • I learned to flip off the diving board into my pool! It was rather scary at first, but it’s the coolest feeling when you nail it.
  • I dyed my hair red!

^Before^ ………………………………………………………………………………………………….^After^

I love it sooooo much!

And here are a few pictures of pointe shoes;

AHHHH GUYS I JUST LOVE POINTE SHOES!!! *ahem*. I’m the one in the yellow shirt who’s looking down…

Now I’m looking up…


Me trying to sous su but I’m not all the way over the platform of my shoe. I seem pretty darn happy though, understandably.

It was an amazing day. Although my ankles hurt like hell and I wasn’t even on pointe for ten minutes.

How was June for you?


May Recap|June Goals

May Recap.png

Hello, there! I apologize that this is late, my internet has been flaky as of late. Anyway, let’s wrap May 2018 up.


Wow, that’s so depressing I’m not even going to comment. Next!


  • Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
  • Artemis Fowl; The Eternity Code
  • Artemis Fowl; The Opal Deception
  • Artemis Fowl; The Lost Colony
  • Artemis Fowl; The Atlantis Complex
  • Artemis Fowl; The Time Paradox
  • Artemis Fowl; The Last Guardian

I’m now an official Fowl Fanatic. The series is SO AWESOME. I literally read all the books except one in a month. Let me put it this way; this series is so awesome I returned all the Harry Potter books I was reading without finishing and turned down a chance to watch Star Wars in order to read them.



  • Learned to read Gnommish so well that I can read it almost as well as I can English (because I had nothing better to do, apparently)
  • Found a pair of sandals that fit me (after trying on 14 pairs, no less)
  • Finally figured out what my ballet teacher meant when she said ”Drop your hip down in attitude.”
  • Made keto biscuits and gravy which was surprisingly like the real thing


  • It’s official-I’ve got a new fictional crush, on (who else?) Artemis Fowl II
  • I’m getting a new cat this July! Felines forever! In case you didn’t already know, my family names all of our cats in alphabetical order, and this will be our ‘H’ cat. I really want to name it Holly, after Captain Holly Short in the (you guessed it) Artemis Fowl books.

May Favorites;

  • Artemis Fowl
  • American Cheese
  • The song Life To Fix by The Record Company
  • Cats

June Goals;

  • Survive Tech Week
  • Write at least three letters
  • Post a minimum of five times (not including this)
  • Go strict keto for a month
  • Sew a ballet skirt

How was your May?