6 Words I Always Have To Add To My Phone

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Hello, lovely readers! Are you excited for Christmas? Yes? Great, you don’t need any help feeling festive. No? Also great, this post is completely free of holiday whatot.

I got a new phone last week, and after setting it up, texting my friends celebratory cat gifs, (shoutout to you, Joy!) and installing all my old apps, I realized there was one problem-this phone didn’t recognize a lot of the words I use.

For example, according to my new Motorola G4,  ‘fortytwoish’ is not a word.

”Well, it isn’t a word, Natalie, keep your pants on,” you say.

Excuse you, to paraphrase my dear fictional friend Bucky Katt, my talking websterizes wordage automatically.

”Now you’re not even speaking English!” you protest. ”Honestly, Natalie, did you hit your head? Really hard?”

Actually, yes, I did hit my head yesterday chasing after a two year old, but that is completely unrelated. What I said was that if I can say a word, it’s therefore a word and I should be able to use it in my texts. So there.

Obviously, I sat down and spent the next hour adding a rather long list of words that I personally invented. Here they are, and the story behind each one.


As you all learned in this post, I’m a Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy junkie, and along with lollipops, the number 5, and printables, I’m obsessed with the number 42. This particular incarnation of the number was first used when I had this conversation with my brother:


Now every time I type in ”f-o-r….” it suggests ‘fortytwoish’.  (and if you think I was being jerkish [see farther below], he had already eaten two bags of said M&Ms, and I wasn’t about to make it three)


Of course, my phone must recognize this. It stands for Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance, and if I must tell you, it’s from Artemis Fowl. Knowing me, you should have known that…


These are my pet names (no pun intended) for my cats. To get the full effect, you have to hear me loudly whisper them to my cat while petting them and mangling my grammar for effect. But recordings eat up storage, so a typical text conversation featuring felines goes like this;

kittytext.pngBecause as is clearly visible above, I have zero control when it comes to my cats.


I’m pretty sure my phone would accept ‘Fan Fiction’, as two separate words, but because I like smushing words together and capitalizing at weird intervals, I write it like that and my phone has been forced to accept it.

‘Freddled Gruntbuggly/Micturations/Plurdled Gabbleblotchis/Gobberwarts/Blurglecruncheon/Foonting Turlingdromes’

You probably saw that and thought I had gone completely nuts. I assure you, I haven’t. The above nonsensical arrangements of syllables are part of only the worst poetry in the galaxy, and the third worst in the universe….Vogon Poetry!


….From the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Which I frequently text my brother when I have nothing better to do or when he’s not replying.

iphone-jD4nI do this quite a lot, actually….


I like improving (mangling?) words by adding ‘-age’ to the end of the infinitive and using them that way with questionable grammar. For example;

Other words I’ve improved (mangled); Jerk=jerkish/jerkishly. Food=foodage/foodishly. Fuzz=fuzzage/fuzzish.

Yes, I’m aware of the fact you all think I’m completely insane now.

Favorite invented word? Words your phone never recognizes?









Teacup Pigs and Puppies//Cute Pictures Included!

Hey, peeps!

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day, and I showed her a picture of my cat. I was telling that she was really cute as a kitten, and that I wished she could have stayed that way forever. Lo and behold, my friend said that she had always wanted a teacup pig. I was like, ”what?” and she told me it was a breed of pig that stays tiny forever. Well, with that I was SOLD. I had to find out more, and er, ah, possibly get my hands on one.

teacup pig


So, after 45 minutes of googling, comparing, and using my better judgement, I came up with the following verified facts.

  • Teacup pigs are not an official breed of pig
  • ‘Teacup’ is just an adjective that breeders use to make pigs more valuable
  • Even if you get a pig from an honest breeder, many people do not realize that normal-sized pigs grow to be 500-700 pounds, so a very, very small pig would be 40-50 pounds, much bigger than most people expect.
  • Many ‘teacup’ pigs are underfed, and their growth is stunted.

In short? Teacup pigs don’t exist like people expect them to. While they might fit into a teacup as newborn piglets, even a very small full-grown pig is larger than most people want. Tragically, the adorable above piggy can’t stay that way forever.

Rather disappointed, I turned my attention to another, similar search term; teacup puppies.


I googled and searched some more, and I came up with the following;

  • Teacup puppies are not an official dog breed
  • A ‘toy-sized’ dog is an official term, a dog smaller than 7 pounds and shorter than 10 inches at the shoulder is a toy-sized dog
  • ‘Teacup’ is an unofficial term used to describe a dog that is smaller than 5 pounds
  • Honest breeders will specify that ‘teacup’ is a unofficial term

Once again, I was SOLD. I looked at prices, care, and where to get them, and here is the summary;

  • Teacup dogs are not much harder to care for than any other small dog (like a Chihuahua), although they do require a little extra care
  • The most common teacup dog breeds are Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Maltese, and Yorkies. The above puppy is a Pomeranian estimated to grow to be 4 pounds or less.
  • These dogs are highly prized, and can go for as much as $3,995 for a tiny Shih Tzu
  • There are online breeders who you can buy a puppy from, and the puppy will be flown with a human escort. Generally, that adds about $150 to your total puppy price.

In short? Teacup puppies DO exist, although unofficially. They will probably not fit in a teacup forever, but they will stay very small their whole lives. These puppies are highly prized however, and have a price tag to  match; $500-$600 for a toy-sized puppy, and more for a teacup.

My verdict? I definitely want one of these sweet little dogs, preferably a Maltese or Pomeranian. I will most likely be doing a lot more research (as my parents always have me research a pet before seriously considering getting one), but for now, here’s some more cute puppy pictures;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*dies of cuteness overload*

See you soon, pretzels!