Blogger Problems #5

Blogger Problems


It’s been a while since I’ve posted Blogger Problems, hasn’t it? Probably because I’ve been fading in and out of the blogiverse. Remind me to make a Blogger Problems about that.


This is me. Every. Fudging*. Time. Any questions as to why I disappeared?


When designing your site, EVERYTHING can go wrong, and usually does. Your clipart isn’t transparent, your graphic design software freezes, your theme is deleted, and even if you manage to get everything up and looking good, someone goes and plagiarizes your design. This has happened to me once or twice, and it’s the worst.

What are some recent Blogger Problems you’ve been having? 



*That was for you, PhoenixPhaedrana**! 

**For those who are curious as to what on earth I’m talking about, PhoenixPhaedrana and I are both nuts and talk to each other so often that we have our own slang dialect, complete with swearing-but-not-swear-words. ‘Fudging’ is one of them. Now go check her blogs out.


Blogger Problems #4

Blogger Problems


Kidding, kidding, I didn’t die, and I’m back now. And I didn’t return alone because I have another installment of le Blogger Problems for you peeps. (is it weird that when I say that I think of marshmallow peeps?)

Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?


Credit to Kat@Novels and Waffles for this one-veeeeeeery true…..And then how you want to get out of it but you can’t bring yourself to unfollow someone. Definitely check out Kat’s blog if you haven’t- she has hilarious book reviews and one of the best blog designs ever. (if you think MY blog makes you hungry…)


….basically the reason I was gone for so long….any post requests/ideas are welcome, and and I mean ANYTHING. (within reason)

What are some #bloggerproblems you’ve been having? Any idea on how to beat writer’s block?


Blogger Problems #3|Poll

Blogger Problems

Ah, hello, there! Welcome back to Blogger Problems, to which we can all relate.

Heads up, there will be a poll at the end of this post, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take it. 🙂

Copy of bloggerproblems5

AM I RIGHT?? Whenever I say ”My internet friend…” people  just disregard whatever I say after that….argh.

‘Nuff said. This is me…

Have you been having any #bloggerproblems lately? If I relate I’ll make graphics!



Blogger Problems #2

Blogger Problems


Ah, yes, I’m here again with blogger problems, so we can all lament together and be like, I KNOW RIGHT??? Because that’s what we internet people do. Laugh about our quirks and wish we knew each other in real life. And try to pretend that we’re not socially awkward because our entire life consists of ranting online…


I totally do this when I’m bored, and mentally edit the posts in my head. Anyone else do it?


Credit goes to Rhi for this one-it’s SO true! They just don’t get the level of commitment involved in blogging, and it’s so disappointing because if they really worked at it, you know they could be amazing.

Any blogger problems suggestions are welcome! If I relate, I’ll make graphics and you, lovely reader, gets a shout-out.




Blogger Problems|New Series

Blogger Problems.png

Hey, guys! What be up? (bad grammar intentional). Anyway, may I present my newest post series, Blogger Problems! Essentially where I go nuts with the graphic design and make pleasing images of all the annoying things bloggers can relate to.

All my best friends are on the internet

I’m looking at you, Bayance, Emmie, and Rebekah. If you’re ever in the Chesapeake Bay area….

bloggerproblems #2

This happened to me when I was a baby blogger and had just started my doll blog…I told my friend who loved dolls, and then the next week everyone was saying ”Hey, your blog is neat,” and ”You blog??”. And I was just like ”I really don’t want to talk about it….” ..”

What are some blogger problems you’ve been having? If I relate, I’ll make graphics!