45 Tips For The Upcoming School Year

Greetings and salutations, lovely humans!

It’s September and that means cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and school. Cooler weather won’t be here for a while near the Chesapeake Bay, and pumpkin spice is inevitable, so today I’m collabing with Bayance, who is seriously the sweetest blogger around and writes fabulous lifestyle posts, and Deeja who writes amazing and thoughtful posts, to bring you 45 tips for this school year! We split the tips three ways so you get to do some fun blog-hopping.

  1. Keep a laminated list of everything you need for school in your backpack, so you can quickly go through and check that you have everything.
  2. Have an organizational system that you stick to the entire semester/year, such as color coded tabs or different folders. 
  3. Do as much as you can ahead of time (i.e. the night before, etc) as it’ll cut down on stress. As a bonus, if you have less to do in the morning, it means you can wake up a little later.
  4. Use a whiteboard to keep track of your assignments easily. Put it in a highly visible place, write down your assignments on it, and cross them off as you finish.
  5. Make sure you work on assignments in a distraction-free area, like a bedroom or an office. (but hey, hiding in the closet works just fine, too)
  6. Decorate your binders and notebooks, because you’ll be more motivated to work if your school supplies are pretty.
  7. Put your name on eeeeeeeverything (backpacks, notebooks, binders, hoodies, what-have-you) because you do not want to be losing stuff.
  8. Make a friend in every class. Knowing someone in every class ensures that if you miss a class or a concept, you can ask a friend to explain it to you or bring you up to speed.
  9. With big assignments, like huge essays, make a plan to do a little each day to stay motivated and finish on time.
  10. Take notes, especially in long and sometimes boring classes. Taking notes in a class you find boring can help your mind stay on track and help you retain the information better.
  11. Make a game plan for getting assignments done each day, such as when, where, and in what order you’ll do them.
  12. Use class time wisely. For example, if the teacher is done lecturing but there’s ten minutes left, use that time to get a jump on your other assignments.
  13. Turn your phone off and disable social media notifications while you’re doing schoolwork.
  14. Make ground rules, like no Netflix until homework is done, or no Instagram until you’ve finished half your work.
  15. Coffee and tea are your best friends.

Want 30 more tips for an awesome school year? Check out Bayance’s post which is chock-full of great tips for high schoolers written from the perspective of a freaking amazing one, and Deeja’s post which is all about studying because let’s face it we need all the tips we can get in that department. So go get some tips!

(now. why are you still here, I said go!)

How to Survive Any Bad Day

How to surviveany bad day.png

Everyone’s had them at some point. You wake up, and just know today is going to suck. And it does. You get an F on your math test, your favorite shirt is stained, and you drop your lunch in the mud. On, and on, and on the misfortune goes, until the day ends and you lie in bed hating yourself and feeling awful.

Well, I’m here to rescue you, along with my friend, Billy Bob the Blobfish.

Bob is an expert in bad days and feeling mopey. Bob, what can you tell us about bad days?

”I hate them.”

No, I mean, what causes them?

”Aliens with lasers shooting from their eyeballs abducting you and then putting you back.”

Excuse me?


Sure what?

”Sure, you’re excused.”

Well, can you tell us about a bad day you had recently?

”Oh, yeah, totally. I woke up, and I ate the worst sandwich ever, because my roommate Joe the octopus makes awful sandwiches but I needed to clear out the fridge, so I ate one and it was terrible. Then I just went back to bed.”

Okay, then. Thank you, Bob.

”I’d say it was a pleasure, but it wasn’t really, because I’d rather have slept in.”

Seeing as how utterly unhelpful Billy Bob was, I’ll just do this whole thing myself. Usually, I find that bad days are caused by one little thing going wrong. That one thing sets the mood for the rest of the day, and everything goes wrong. For example, Bob said he ate a terrible sandwich. Had he not just gone back to bed, he probably would have found that everything else was awful and terrible and it all sucked.

It’s tempting to just go back to bed when you’re having a bad day, as Bob demonstrated, but here’s the raw truth; If you go back to bed, you’re letting that day kick you. Do you want to just quietly let that stupid bad day push you around?

”Meh. Whatever. As long as I have a sandwich, I’m good.”

Bob, why are you still here?

”I kinda fell asleep and going home is too much work. You got any bread?”

Ah, look in the cabinet over there. Anyway, as I was saying, going to back to bed is defeat. The bad day has won. Instead of letting the day win, here’s how to fight it;

  1. Realize that you can always turn your day around, at any time, whether you just got up, or you just finished lunch.
  2. When you feel the bad-day demons crawling up to you, punch them in the nose and stick a sock over their head take a step back. Realize that just because your shirt is stained doesn’t mean that everything else has to be bad. Take a deep breath, and wear your second favorite shirt.
  3. Do something nice for someone. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but-

”Hey, would you mind spreading peanut butter on this sandwich? My fins are too stubby. Or maybe I’m just  too lazy. I’m too lazy to find out.”

Fine. *Starts spreading peanut butter* as I was saying, doing something nice for someone else can seriously boost your mood. It’s actually been scientifically proven, believe it or not. Bob, here’s your sandwich.

”Thanks.” *mamf*

4. Smile. Even if you don’t feel happy, just smile. It will make a difference.

I hope this post will help you next time you have a bad day, and-

*snores loudly*

I’m just gonna wrap this up quickly, hehe.

I feel like a

I hope this post helps you next time you feel like Bob.