Hey guys, hi.

Welcome to my blog. I’m assuming you’re here for one of three reasons. Either you a) want to know more about my blog, b) want to know why I’m so weird, or c) you misclicked.

I’ve been blogging for about four years, bouncing around between blogs before finally just sticking with this one. When I was 11, I started a blog about American Girl dolls, which eventually led to the creation of TTC because I talked too much about TV shows and cats. I probably still talk about those too much.

Currently, I’m somewhere in the fuzzy area between ‘lifestyle blogger’, ‘humor writer’ and ‘that weird person on the internet’.

I try to be funny. I don’t know if it works, but I try. So if you see something that seems sort of funny but is kind of not, it’s probably one of my missed marks. I’ve got a lot of those.

If you’re wondering about me, I’m a high schooler on the East coast. I’m a pre-professional dancer (ballet and modern), which is why my posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like. I’m also a self-taught guitarist, meaning I kind of know how to play a couple chords, but I’m definitely no Jimi Hendrix. I love cats, caffeine, open wifi networks, 80s and early 2000s TV shows (A-Team, Doctor Who, and Monk), and rock music. I also don’t like starting sentences with ‘I’, but evidently it’s inevitable sometimes.

If you’d like to talk about any of the above, or want to be friends, I’m totally down for that. Shoot me an email here, or drop me a comment.

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