Hey, there! I’m Natalie! Welcome to Taking the Cake, my lifestyle and photography blog.

I’m a not-quite-sane, lyrical blondie who lives behind her camera.

I’m the queen of photography, DC super heroes, and scoring sassy comebacks.

I’m very flexible, which is good because I’m a dancer, I love cats, iced tea, and telling weird stories.

I can usually be found either snuggled up with one of my two awesomely fuzzy feline friends on the couch with my laptop, or at ballet rehearsal twisting myself into poses only Gumby himself could do comfortably.

I knit.

And sew.

And crochet.

And needle felt, although not proficiently.

I’m a serious Artemis Fowl Fanatic.

I frequently spout weird exclamations like ”Sweet monkey fritters!”

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I do love cake.

And while we’re at it, I’m a huge fan of the bands Portugal the Man, Kaleo, and the Record Company.

Want to talk about any of these things? Or hear some of my snappy one-liners? Comment away.









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