Floral, Chambray, and Posing Is Hard

Hey guys, hi.

I’m attempting to be a fashion blogger, and I’ve discovered that as long a way as I thought I had to go, after taking these pictures I now know I’ve got a really long way to go.

I’m really bad at posing, evidently. And photography. And trying to write about what I wore without sounding like a Pollyanna sales rep for Old Navy.

Dress: Old Navy
Shirt: Old Navy
Sneakers: Amazon

I planned this outfit on Tuesday in a fit of organizational zeal, however I neglected to check the weather for Sunday. As it turned out, it was cold and wet, but I only noticed that as I was walking out the door for church.

Long story short, I was cold, but that’s okay.

The dress I wore is really pretty, but a little girly for my tastes, so I hadn’t worn it a whole lot until I borrowed a chambray shirt from my mom. I love wearing button down shirts over t shirts, so wearing a button down shirt tied over a dress made my inner grunge rock guitarist self happy. It also matched my hair, which is a plus.

Gosh, the ground is so interesting!
Behold my crooked part line

Like I mentioned earlier, this would probably work better as an early fall outfit rather than a late fall outfit, since it’s pretty light. You could probably layer something warmer over the dress rather than the chambray shirt.

What’s your favorite outfit you’ve worn this week? Any posing tips for me (because I really need them)?

7 thoughts on “Floral, Chambray, and Posing Is Hard

  1. You’re better at posing than I am. I always either look incredibly bored or psychotic.
    That dress is so cute, and you’re so pretty. And your hairstyle is so cool.
    Hmmmm…..favorite outfit I wore this week. Well, I just recently got a black blazer, so probably when I wore that with a purple skirt, tights, boots, and a black shirt. I seriously felt like Veronica Lodge.
    Great post. I really enjoyed reading it.

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