Floral, Chambray, and Posing Is Hard

Hey guys, hi.

I’m attempting to be a fashion blogger, and I’ve discovered that as long a way as I thought I had to go, after taking these pictures I now know I’ve got a really long way to go.

I’m really bad at posing, evidently. And photography. And trying to write about what I wore without sounding like a Pollyanna sales rep for Old Navy.

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The Superhero War

*Hey guys, hi. This was a post I wrote several months ago that I dug out of my drafts folder. You all seem to enjoy my humorous posts, so here you go. Also, for anyone wondering, yes, this all actually happened.*

Dear People At My Dance Studio (you know who you are)

We’ve been in a social war. And you, ringleader, started it. Don’t try to argue and tell me that it wasn’t, and that it was in fact me who started it that fateful day when I mentioned that I thought Batman was cooler than Ironman. You recoiled in so much overblown teenage-girl horror that anyone watching from a distance probably thought I insulted your mother.

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Let’s Not Make This About Me

Hey guys, hi.

Raise your hand if life right now feels like trying to juggle flaming bowling balls while walking on a tightrope and singing opera.

*raises hand*

Ironically, it’s when life is at its weirdest and most overwhelming that I suddenly want to blog again. I miss taking pictures and writing and answering comments. I miss the thrill of hitting ‘publish’.

Then why haven’t I just started posting again?

Because to be perfectly honest I don’t even know what I blog about anymore. I’m not sure I ever really knew, but somehow it’s only become an issue now.

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