Scrunchies, Guitars, And Broken Piggy Banks|All The Recent Amusing Things

featured image inspired by Emmie, whose graphics making skills are way better than mine

Hey, guys!

I’m attempting to come back full-force to the blogiverse, since I really do miss saying ridiculous things online, and miss all my friends here even more. I thought the easiest way to start would be with a somewhat disorganized but at least somewhat entertaining rundown of all the things I’ve been doing. You’re welcome.

In a fit of boredom-induced marketing zeal, last week I actually styled my hair (as opposed to my usual, ‘it-is-what-it-is-and-today-its-a-dumpster-fire’ approach, i.e. just not doing anything), put scrunchies in, and took some promotional photos for my Etsy shop. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to use them for, but they did come out looking pretty okay by my standards.

[shameless self promotion ahead]

This scrunchie is available here. I’ll also be restocking it in four packs in the next few weeks, so you can have multiples!

If you’re tired of scrunchies that don’t stay put or make sad, sagging ponytails, then you can kiss those issues goodbye. I make scrunchies specifically for use on their own without a rubber band underneath. They’re made with hair tie grade elastic and will make firm ponytails or buns that stay put, even on thick hair!

anyone who gets the reference on my shirt wins unlimited brownie points and my undying admiration

The scrunchie in my hair is from my new sets which should drop in the next week or so, and the scrunchie on my wrist is from this pack.

In other news, I bought a guitar.

Do I know how to play guitar? Not really. Did I still smash my metaphorical piggy bank to buy one? Yes, absolutely.

About a month and a half ago, I decided that I needed something to do with myself other than watch every single episode of Monk multiple times, and for whatever reason I decided that guitar was a good idea.

I borrowed an acoustic from someone in my homeschool group, messed around with it for a while, promptly concluded that acoustic is boring, and proceeded to drop all my money on an electric.

To cut a long story short, I spent an entire day in a little town in Virginia, got to pet a pug (I’m a sucker for brachycephalic animals), hung out with a friend, and then ended it by meeting a slightly shady sounding guy I found on Craigslist in a Wendy’s parking lot in the pouring rain. Oh, and did I mention it was just me and my brother doing all this?

But luckily, the guitar guy turned out to be a just a normal guy and not an axe murderer like I may or may not have worried he might be. And now I have a guitar.

taken right after buying it, excitedly texted to every friend I have

It’s a black Fender Squier Stratocaster, which for non-guitar people basically means it’s the knockoff of the real deal for people who have no money, e.g. me. But hey, my main qualification for a guitar was ‘less that $150’ and ‘playable’. So if we’re being technical, I did get exactly what I wanted.

It now hangs on my wall next to my sister’s classical guitar, of which she went the sane way of acquiring and bought it on Amazon. Mine is cooler. Now whenever I walk into my room I spend at least five minutes stroking its glorious, glossy (read; miraculously still has its topcoat of paint on) surface and saying to anyone who hasn’t been in my room for that past hour ”Didyouseemyguitardidyoudidyoudidyouwhydon’tyouappreciateitsbeautyyouunculturedswine”.

I neglected to save enough money for an amp, but thanks to my brother and Dad, I have a pretty decent, if somewhat MacGyvered amplification setup.

My family also now has to deal with our living room being a tangled mess of cables and various audio equipment, plus me playing the same six riffs over and over again, because they sound SO COOL over our stereo.

Thanks, family, I’ll dedicate a song to you when I’m the next Billy Joe Armstrong or Jimi Hendrix.

And now here are Humphrey pictures, because this post has a surprising lack of them.

Okay, Humphrey and Apollo pictures

If you want semi-daily doses of my cat, you can follow my Instagram @snorfalopagus.

Tell me all the things that have happened to you, amusing or otherwise! And hit me up with all your favorite songs with guitar in them, rock or otherwise!


8 thoughts on “Scrunchies, Guitars, And Broken Piggy Banks|All The Recent Amusing Things

    1. Missed you too!! It was…amusing to say the least. Definitely something I can use to guilt-trip my future kids someday, ”when I was 14 and wanted a guitar, I had to meet a guy in Wendy’s parking lot three hours from home!!” xD.
      Yesterday I learned how to play Come As You Are by Nirvana, which was pretty cool!

      Liked by 1 person

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