Corvettes Don’t Buy Themselves + Get Free Scrunchies!

*Edit: I am now offering a 30% discount on anything in my shop for bloggers and YouTubers wanting to do a sponsored post and/or giveaway*

Hey there, people!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but instead of doing a long ‘sorry-I’ve-been-gone-I-promise-to-do-better-which-in-reality-means-pretty-darn-much-nothing’ post, I bring you something better (I hope).

click to go to aforesaid shop

I’m launching an Etsy shop! The obvious questions:

Why on Earth are you starting an Etsy shop?

You see, at the age of 14.5 I have set my heart on a 1983 white C4 Corvette with a red racing stripe and a 383 engine (any The A-Team fans here will catch my drift). Corvettes, unfortunately, do not buy themselves. Hence, I’m selling scrunchies. Also because it’s summer, I’m bored, and it keeps me out of trouble (ask me about my adventures in prank texting).

What’s so special about YOUR scrunchie shop?

Well if I’m being self-deprecating, not much. If I’m being a half-decent marketing advocate, most scrunchies are priced almost ridiculously high (I’m not paying $7 for a hair tie, even if it’s locally sourced cotton taken with permission from the happy cotton plants and then lovingly hand sewed by fairies into a scrunchie. Sorry). My scrunchies are priced at $2.50 each-even less if you buy a set- with free shipping. Now you have to admit that that’s at least a little less run of the mill (oh also they’re fruit themed. Just saying).

Tell me more about the free scrunchies in the title up there.

Yes, that. Not clickbait, because clickbait is a terrible thing done by terrible human beings. You can indeed get free scrunchies! When starting a new Etsy shop, one of the things you need to do is advertise. And what better way to advertise than to sponsor some posts on the blogiverse? I’d love to send you some scrunchies (some to keep and some to give away) in exchange for a review on your blog!

Interested? Shoot me an email using this exceedingly handy little form (make sure you include your site address, please)

Note, if you’re in the WP reader, you may not see the form and need to go to the actual site. A few people were having link issues with the form, so if it doesn’t work, feel free to email me directly at

17 thoughts on “Corvettes Don’t Buy Themselves + Get Free Scrunchies!

  1. Good luck on your Etsy shop! I know Megan of Peach and Poppy Etsy shop recently put some tips on Instagram, so maybe talk to her? (her blog is A Barefoot Gal, but you probably know that…)

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