DIY Lace Up Shirt

Greetings and salutations, lovely humans!

Perhaps this isn’t where most people’s minds go when everything they had planned for two weeks is cancelled and the government mandates their state to self-quarantine, but when all the COVID-19 insanity reached a fever pitch, my first thought was ‘great! I’m going to cut up a shirt!’

Well, okay, my first though was actually something about the dance theatre show I’m in, but the shirt thing was a close second. The good news is, even if you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, you can at least have a cool shirt you made yourself! Cause we all gotta have goals, right?

I started with this tee from Walmart which was cute, if not particularly interesting.

So, to make it more interesting, you’ll need:

-A shirt
-1/4” eyelets/eyelet tool
-a shoelace
-a hammer


Start by laying your shirt out, folding it in half, and cutting a shallow triangle out of the neck. (I also cut off the neckline ribbing and removed the pocket)

When you unfold your shirt, it should look something like this.

Fold the raw edge under, and pin it and the top and bottom. This gives you a double layer of fabric to put the eyelets through.

To put in the eyelets, cut a tiny hole through both layers of fabric, and widen it slightly with your finger.

Then stick the top eyelet through the hole, and place the other one on the wrong side of the fabric.

Now take the eyelet tool, and put the metal part over the eyelet on the wrong side of the fabric, and the rubber part on the right side eyelet. Whack with the hammer.

Repeat with as many eyelets as you’d like, making sure to line them up.

Take your shoelace and lace up your newly coolified shirt!

Now while social distancing keeps you from showing off your new top in person, you can go post exorbitant numbers of pictures to social media! Yay technology!

*is quietly bitter that I don’t have any social media except one for my cat*

Favorite shirt?


22 thoughts on “DIY Lace Up Shirt

  1. LOL I did exactly the same thing! Well, pretty close. I sad that my dance and probably my play were cancelled, and then I decided to learn how to sew clothes! *high five* We must have similar minds. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for the awesome idea!

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