Two Years Of TTC

Hello, hello!

As per tradition, my blogiversary was yesterday and I’m posting a day late! Some things never change.

Thanks so much for being readers and friends! You guys continually make my day~

I don’t have a giveaweay this year, but I’d love it if you wanted to comment your favorite TTC post down below.

May your day be as awesome as Studio C~

12 thoughts on “Two Years Of TTC

  1. Niiiice SC plug right at the end :’D

    And also congrats! My own first blogiverssary is in February, and I Might Have 200 followers by then? on Tumblr that is *sweats*

    BUT anyway I loves your kitties, and here’s to another year of wonderful bfc activities~

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  2. Happy Blogiversary! (And if I remember correctly, your birthday is near your Blogiversary too, no?)

    I have to say my favorite post on TTC is probably the one for my blog tour. The 12% pin is just amazing, but maybe I’m a little biasedπŸ˜‚

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  3. Happy Blogiversary! Aww, yes, kitties! They’re such cute little fuzzballs. Have you ever read the Warriors books? They’re about cats, AND it’s an adventure story.
    Hmm, my favorite TTC post is probably Five Hilarious Ways to Deal With Telemarketers.

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  4. AW I LOVE YOUR CAT!!! *smooshes Humphrey and squeezes him*
    YAY 2 YEARS!!! *confetti* *ice cream cake* *MARSHMALLOWS* My favorite post is probably any of your ballet ones! Probably debunking ballet myths, and also the telemarkers one!! AHH I CAN’T DECIDE YOUR BLOG IS TOO AMAZING

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