DIY Embroidered High Tops

Greetings, lovely people who read my ramblings!

When it comes to shoes, I will almost always choose one of two options; pointe shoes or high tops. And because pointe shoes aren’t particularly practical for everyday, normal-person wear, 87% of the time, I’m wearing sneakers.

Up until recently, I was a diehard Converse girl, but after finding out that Converse is actually a terrible company to be giving your money to, I had to find other options.

Initially, I was disappointed with the knockoff options, because they were all solid colors, and I like more unique styles. In addition, because I have extra wide feet, that narrowed the options down to red, navy blue, or white. So how do you make very cliche and boring sneakers super cool? Embroider them!

I rest my case.

These were super easy and fun to make, don’t be scared off because of the embroidery! If you can sew a button on a shirt, then you can make these. Dancers reading this, if you’ve sewn pointe shoes, you can totally do this!

You’ll need:

-Embroidery floss
-Darning or embroidery needle
-A pair of sneakers

To start, thread your needle and tie a knot in the end. Depending on the weight of your floss, you may or may not want to double up.

Sewing the triangles is pretty straightforward, the hardest part is actually just making your triangles look seamless. Make sure you start your thread on the inside to hide the knot, and try to make the stitches as close together as possible. I recommend doing all the shapes you want to do in one color before switching to another color, as this makes it easier.

Honestly, the only caveat of this project is the time it takes. I did it in several hours spread out over two days. It doesn’t require a lot of focus, so call a friend, turn on your favorite show, or crank up your music while doing this.

If you’re in need of good music for listening while you embroider, allow me to suggest a few songs with an awesome, sneakery vibe.

  • Skyway Avenue//We The Kings
  • Eagle Birds//The Black Keys
  • All My Friends//Owl City
  • Irresistible//Fall Out Boy
  • Why Worry//Set It Off
  • You’ll Never Be Alone//Capital Kings

Don’t sweat making these too perfect, or even the same. You’re going for a scattered, random look, so just have fun with it! The canvas material also makes it very easy to back stitches out as well.

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to jazz up a pair of sneakers, definitely try this! I’m already dreaming up other things I can embroider with my leftover embroidery floss.

Favorite shoes?

17 thoughts on “DIY Embroidered High Tops

  1. These are so cool. I love sneakers. The kind of sneakers I currently have are a hiking boot style but I’ve always wanted coral ones in a Converse-like style. My favorite shoes are a pair of high-heeled ankle boots. The heel is really thick so it makes it possible to walk comfortably. And there is a gold zipper up the side of each one.

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      1. I really care about my friends on here and I go checking on them after so long. So you and Humphrey have to come back and post some. 😝😁

        Liked by 1 person

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