Optimism Award (created by Bayance)

Hey, there!

My bestest blogging friend Bayance nominated me for her Optimism Award! Definitely go check her blog out, she’s one of the nicest, funniest, and interesting people I know.


  1. List three things you’re most grateful for. (if you get tagged again, you can add 3 more or think of your own three things question or just ignore the first rule for your second time)
  2. Answer the 7 questions given to you from the previous nominee.
  3. Ask 7 new questions (or use some of mine) for your new nominees.
  4. Tag 3-7 bloggers that made a positive difference and state why beside their name (it can be one thing you like about their blog)
  5. Congratulations and enjoy unlimited positivity from all of us!

I’m grateful for:

  • My family/friends
  • Ballet
  • My cats (because we all know where my loyalties lie)
Please ignore the fact that he’s sitting next to a gas can, he was just unbearably cute.

Bayance’s 7 Questions

What was the best year of your life and why?

Oh, that’s hard! Every year is different, but I think I’d have to say the year I was nine. That year, I met so many awesome friends (two of which are still my best friends). Nine was just so fun naïve and exciting, and the world was my oyster.

What was the biggest problem you faced and how did you overcome it?

WHY ARE THESE SO HARD OMG I feel so totally like a drama queen saying this, but about this time two years ago, I was really discouraged with dance and came *this* close to quitting. Obviously I didn’t, and nine months later I got pointe shoes. Stick with stuff, kids, you never know what might happen!

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?

Chick-Fil-A! Can I just rant for a second on how amazing they are? First, the food is awesome, and not actually terrible for you. Second, all the employees are so nice, and even though CFA is a huge corporation they support great causes and absolutely nothing objectionable. Third, did you know that all the CFA registers have a hidden ‘override price’ button so that cashiers can give, say, a veteran a free milkshake? How amazing is that?

If you could have one thought pop into people’s head when they first meet you, what would it be? (essentially what first impression would you like to give off)

”This person is funny and friendly, just don’t call her ‘Nat’.” (I hate it when people, especially people who barely know me, just start addressing me as ‘Nat’. It’s a stupid nickname that rhymes with a lot of unflattering words, so don’t do it, because it makes me instantly dislike you)

If everything in the world was one colour what would you want it to be? (it could be different shades)

I love all colors, but if everything was blue, that would be so pretty, and there are so many shades of blue, from turquoise, to cerulean, to that robin’s egg color.

What’s the most scandalous/terrible thing you did as a child?

One Halloween when I was probably 7 or 8, there was this one house that was giving out really good candy, like king-size Hershey bars and the like. My friend told me she bet I couldn’t get three king-size bars in the entire night, so I hit that house three times. The first go-round, I joined a horde of trick-or-treaters, and so the person handing out candy didn’t pay very close attention. The next time, I went by myself. ”You look familiar…” the person said, and I just grinned. (I was an 8 year old in a witch hat and tutu, I had cuteness down). The third time, I took my hair out of the ponytail it had been in and tied the orange ribbon that had been in it around my hat. The person was like, ”wait, weren’t you already here?” and I said, ”Oh, that must have been my twin sister.”
…The person totally believed me! I still cringe when I think about it, lol. And if it ever turns out that I have a long lost twin…I owe her some candy.

What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

Almost exactly my color, but not my eye. All that mascara would have me crying it into my contacts.

My gray eyes. I recently learned that only 2% of the population has them, so apparently I’m special, lol. Unfortunately, wearing contacts makes them look blue, but ah well. Oh, and possibly that fact that I have flexible hips and ankles, and I never, ever get blisters on pointe.

I nominate….

Morgan Mcartie-You are just the sweetest person, and one of my best blogging friends. I love, love, love being your pen pal. I’m so excited for your new personal blog!

Emmie-you are so happy and upbeat all the time, and your blog posts always make me smile. I’m so lucky to be your friend, and one day we’ve got to meet up and jump on a trampoline somewhere.

Diamond-You, your blog, and your awesome comments never fail to make my day. I always get so excited when I see a new post in my email!

Phoenix-Phaedrana-YOU DRAW SUCH ADORABLE THINGS ASDFGHJKL. Thanks for dragging me into the Undertale fandom with you and always being willing to hear me rant my heart out about life, the universe, and everything.

Questions For Nominees:

  1. What’s one odd or unusual talent you have?
  2. What’s your go-to stress reliever?
  3. What’s one thing that never fails to make you happy?
  4. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? (wishing for more wishes is out)
  5. What’s the most scandalous/terrible thing you did as a child?
  6. If you were offered the ability to read minds, would you take it?
  7. Cats or dogs? Why?

Thanks again to Bayance for nominating me! This is definitely one of my favorite tags I’ve done. (not too long or complicated, but definitely fun).

What’s one thing that always makes you happy? Any post requests?