American Stereotypes Debunked ft. Bayance

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The long awaited part twooooo of our (mine and Bayance’s ) Canada and USA collab! Now we finally get to debunk and find out the truth behind Canadian stereotypes of Americans-and don’t forget to check out Bayance’s post as she debunks my preconceived notions of Canadians.

Q. When is America going to realize that they should ban guns instead of kinder eggs?
A. Uh…never? The 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms, so we are not ever  banning firearms, but at some point they’ve gotta make an amendment to allow Kinder Eggs…I mean, the FDA doesn’t allow them because of ”choking hazards” but seriously, nobody’s going to choke on that capsule…AND IT’S CHOCOLATE FOR THE LOVE OF LEMURS.
Q. Do all American schools have cheerleaders?
A. As far as I know, but I have like no experience with schools, so I can’t say for sure.
Q. Is every football player a jerk in America?
A. Nope, I know a guy who plays football and he’s pretty nice. Although I’ve definitely heard that football players often get really snobby.
Q. Is there a lot of racism?
A. No, not really. I’ve never actually witnessed any, and although some people blame it for not getting accepted into colleges and jobs, I honestly think we’re pretty racism-free. 
Q. Are people from Texas all cowboys (and girls)?
A. Nope! I know several people from Texas and some of them have never even ridden a horse..
Q. Do people is the US really get homeschooled because kids are mean?
A. Oh, no. I’m homeschooled because my mom loves teaching, but I’ve never even gone to school. I’ve heard of lots of people begging to be homeschooled because of bullying or just hating school, but most parents don’t just pull their kids from school and homeschool them just because of jerks.
Q. Are there really different accents in different US states?
A. Yes! In the south, people say ”y’all”, and in Boston people pronounce ‘er’ as ‘ah’ (chowder vs chowdah).
Q. Do most people have blond hair in America?
A. Actually, brunette is more common. A lot of brunettes dye their hair blonde, which could contribute to the stereotype, and then there’s Barbie dolls, so that might be it. But for the record, I’m blonde, haha.
Q. Do all youtubers really live in America
A. Um, no, I’m pretty sure Youtubers live all over the world. Exhibit A: Agoverseasfan. Boom.
Q. Does everyone really hate Donald Trump?
A. Oh, dear me, no. I certainly don’t, it’s really just the media who wants his head on a platter. Really, he only got elected because he was a  billion times better than Hillary Clinton, who would have killed the country a billion different ways, and is also a complete crook. So…yeah, no.
Haha, so clearly, Bayance’s got some warped views of Americans…go check out my probably even more warped views of Canadians in her post.
Thanks for reading, guys!
Favorite stereotype? Thoughts on Kinder Surprise Eggs?




28 thoughts on “American Stereotypes Debunked ft. Bayance

  1. I’m still not entirely sure Kinder Eggs are illegal.
    They banned things with toys in them because a child died choking on a metal toy located in a choclate bar.
    I think Kinder Eggs found a loophole in the ban because they are still being sold.
    Answer: Loopholes are everywhere.

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    1. Kinder Eggs aren’t really illegal per say, they just aren’t sold here. I’ve found them on eBay, but the ones you see in stores aren’t actual KinderEggs, they’re something similar but different.
      Hooray for the black market!

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      1. Indeed, hooray for the black market!
        Makes you wonder how big box stores get away with it, at our local grocery stores (Alaskan ones) they sell them.
        Look at my Shark Tank vocab!

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  2. Okay I was close on some of them. 😂 #FreeTheKinderEggs!! Wow that’s so cool. For us, I think it’s just Universities that have cheerleaders. Yeah a lot of them are at my school. But a few are nice. Wow I’m actually surprised! Especially with the whole racist stigma around Donald Trump. Gurl you are the first ever person I met (well talked to) that supports him. Every single person in Canada makes political jokes about him and hahaha the wanting his head on a platter is so true. 😂 Literally when the elections happened in 2016/2017, I was in UAE (dubai area) and people at my school were so intensely watching the vote like the world was going to explode. And when donald won, it was like a huge joke. I don’t know – you better make a post on this because I’d love to hear more from your perspective. Ooh really? Yeah blonde is super common here in Canada. I’m a brunette but I wear hijab so I can literally say I have blue hair underneath mwahah. No jk my eyebrows reveal it all but whatever. 😂 My dad’s a teacher and he loves teaching us science when we have questions from school. It’s really cool you were homeschooled your whole life. We need interviews with your mom. We need more on Natalie’s life. 😂 K I sound like a creep so I should stop the comment now. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so wish me luckkk. Let’s hope there are no cavities hiding in there. Great posy!

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    1. YES LET THOSE KINDER EGGS LOOOOOOOSE!! (seriously, I love those things). I was really surprised that maple wasn’t actually a big thing in Canada, l seriously used to think y’all just drank maple syrup like soda, lol. (I was like 7 when I thought that, though, so…). Most of what I remember about the 2016 elections was wondering what Trump put on his face to make it look so orange, haha. Maybe I could do a post on that, though….Really? I didn’t know that. My hair is a darkish blonde, but my eyebrows and eyelashes are brown. You should actually dye your hair so that you can say it’s blue, that’d be so funny. Oooh, that’s neat! My grandpa was an engineer so whenever I say ”this isn’t working!” he always tries to figure out exactly why, lol. Hahaha, I’ll have to ask her about doing an interview. I’m crossing my fingers for you, and if you’d do the same for me because I have an orthodontist appointment in a week and I really don’t want braces, I’d really appreciate it. Neat commy!


  3. I wouldn’t say that the USA is racism-free. The younger generation might be. But my mom is Spanish and has had a lot of cases of people being racist towards her. But honestly, It’s probably more in the southeast (the Confederate States). Because there you see a lot of Confederate flags and whatnot. I haven’t received any myself because my dad is American so I’m a white kid. Also, they banned kinder eggs?!
    Great post! I enjoyed reading it 🙂 X

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  4. Awww Natalie, you did a fantastic job representing us! 😍😂❤️❤️ Stereotypes are crazy!
    And seriously, Kinder eggs a choking hazard? That’s only if a young kid opened one up without a parent or guardian around 😜
    Hey, I was homeschooled because my mom loves teaching, too! 💖 Homeschool moms rock! Haha!

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  5. This was HILARIOUS!!! And I personally think that guns should be like cars: you have to take a test and get a license. And I’ve heard of Kinder Surprise Eggs, and they do sound kinda dangerous because the toy is just in there and you would choke on it if you didn’t know and just bit into the chocolate part, but it’s kinda ridiculous that they banned it. And most elementary schools don’t have cheerleaders, but pretty much every university and middle school/junior high/high school has them. (The only one I know of that doesn’t have cheerleaders is Texas A&M University, but they have yell leaders and a dance team so idk if it really counts) Awesome post!

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    1. Thanks! Yes, exactly! Actually, Kinder eggs are really hard to choke on because the toy is inside a capsule which is pretty big….so not a hug hazard. Huh, I didn’t know that-I think cheerleaders are kinda just yell leaders and dance team members combined, so I think it counts 🙂

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  6. Loved this post! I know a football player too who’s nice. I live in Texas so when I saw the cowboy/cowgirl thing I laughed 😄 My highschool has cheerleaders and I’ve sadly experienced racism at my school so depends where you live. I’m brunette! And I don’t like kinder eggs so….😂

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