How Well Does An American Know Canada? Ft. Bayance

How Much Does An American Know About Canada_

Canada and the United States. They’re literally stacked on top of each other, and are pretty tolerant of each other, so therefore we probably know at least a preliminary amount about each other-right?

Well today I’m being joined by my internet bestie and utterly fabulous blogger Bayance, to see if that’s actually true. She’s Canadian, I’m American (still trying to figure out how to mail myself across the border so we can hang out, any ideas are welcome)and we both asked each other trivia questions about our own country. Without too much googling, we had to answer them. Make sure to go over to  Bayance’s post, where I quiz her on her knowledge of the USA.

Annnnnd I’ve been chattering way too long, so let’s get started

Questions are in bold
My answers are in plain text
Bayance is in italics
1. Who is Canada’s prime minister?
Um…what’s a prime minister? Haha, just kidding, it’s like the president…sort of? Is it…um…William Robert Joseph, aka Billy Bob Joe?
WHAT?! I thought that was a legit president but no. 😂 It’s Justin Trudeau and yeah it’s kind of like a president. 
2. What is the capital of Canada?
Regina? Saskatchewan?
Okay this is disappointing. I thought you’d be like everyone else and say Toronto or Montreal but nope, the fricking prairies. 😂Lol it’s Ottowa.
I’m sorry I had to say this, so wow, Canadians named Otto have a whole city? Sweet Monkey Fritters.
Oh, wait, but then again, all the Marys in the USA have a whole state, Maryland, so I guess that’s not too novel.
3. When was Canada founded?
Uhhh…1889? 1915? I really have no idea.
Eh..kind of close. 1867.
4. What is Canada’s population?
800,000. Yes, that was supposed to sound confident but it was a complete guess.
Bruh we’re the second largest country in the world. It’s 38 million. 😂
Seriously how did I not know that like what??
5. How many time zones does Canada have?
Hmmm….3? We have four, but one is really small, so….
Six lol 😂
6. What is a two dollar bill called in Canada?
OH! I know this one because you mentioned it in a post that for some reason I remember when I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast today. It’s called a toonie, yes?
Yayyy your first point. Btw funny story – today my siblings had an event and they sold toonie jars and you have to roll the dice and pay $2 to get a jar full of treats from the school. And guess what one of the ones we got was? Glue and popsicle sticks like whattt? It was so sad because I was really expecting those good chocolate bars but no. So now whenever my sister asks me a question, I reply with toonie in a very weird accent because I’m still traumatized. Lol wow I’m so dramatic but anyways.
7. How many provinces and territories are in Canada? Which one is the largest?
12 provinces (I’m sorry, I looked this one up) and I’m guessing for territories…four? Eight? I have no idea bout size, though.
Nice try – 10 provinces and 3 territories. Nunavut is the biggest. 
8. Who was the first prime minister of Canada?
Barry Allen! Justin Bieber! Nelson Mandela! (zero clue on this one)
I’m actually going to cry from these answers. 😂😂Really, Justin Bieber? It’s John A. Mcdonald.
9. What is the National anthem called?
Well there’s this slightly off color American joke about the national anthem, saying that it basically goes ”Oh, oh, oh, maple syrup and some mooses….” but I’m assuming that’s NOT how it goes…um, is it ”Plaid Flannel Shirts Forever”? or ”It’s Always Freezing Here?”
Okay I really don’t get all these stereotypes. They sell maple syrups in like supermarkets and I’ve never seen a moose so…😂 Hey, flannel shirts are bae! And no it’s called ‘O Canada’ and it goes ”Ohhh Canada our home and native landdd true patriot loveee-”okay you can search it up. 😂


10. Draw a Canadian flag and insert it here.


I drew this on the back of my Latin quiz so cross your fingers I won’t have to explain the whole thing to my Latin teacher because it’ll make me sound nuts
Hey, that’s not too bad! But the maple leaf has more corners than that lol. But what’s with the Ho?

So…essentially I know almost nothing about Canada, except what they call their $2 bill. But hey, at least this was funny. Stay tuned for next week’s stereotypes post, where we find out if Canadians really do drink maple syrup and if Americans really do think Kinder eggs are more hazardous than weapons.
Are you Canadian or American? If not, what are you*?
Don’t forget to check out Bayance’s post because it’s bound to be way better than mine!
*Hopefully a person, but I mean like where are you from, lol

August Recap//September Stuff

August Recap__.png

Why, oh why, does August have to be over? I was enjoying all those lazy days so much…

Summer freetime withdrawal aside, nothing much happened this month because I spent it relaxing (which means I was being lazy), but for the sake of posterity here’s a recap.


So, this month I posted three times. And I would have posted this yesterday, but that would have made four times in one month and that wouldn’t have done at all (you’ll only get that if you’ve read Artemis Fowl)

I looked at my poll results and they were…interesting. So nobody cared much for my Q&As, tags/awards, or practical posts. And only 22% of people wanted to see my life posts. Most of you like my funny posts (77.78%)

And ya know what, to be honest, those are my favorite kind of posts to write. TTC may be going through a little rejiggering phase to focus more on the funny, and less on the lifestyle, but it’ll be mostly the same. Just funnier 😉

August’s most popular post was Dear Pinterest… (definitely my favorite, too)

My favorite post from around the blogosphere was probably Struggles Of Having Thick Hair-so relatable!

And that just about wraps up blogging.


This month was so nice and relaxed until all of a sudden at the end I just realized how nuts this year is gonna be, and then more stuff to make it crazier happened.

  • I have ballet 4 days a week
  • I have co-op on Wednesdays and oh, joy, one of my best friends isn’t going to be there because her mom decided to ship her off to public school. I don’t want to be rude (who am I kidding, I’m about to be really salty) but wHaT tHe MoNkEy FrItTeRs WhY?? Like, thanks sooooo much for taking my best friend away from me, I really appreciate it. With legit no warning, she was going to be in the co-op and then last week her mom informed us that she isn’t. Whyyyyyy?
  • I got a new cat! Actually, that was back in July, but I don’t know if I announced it? Anyway, he’s a sweet little gray tuxedo with uneven socks and his name is Apollo. And oh my lemurs, he’s so little! Barely more than a kitten, so he’s super playful and silly. Shhhh-I think I’m his favorite human!
He knocked over my fairy garden and scared the fairies away ;p
  • My ballet school hired me? Haha, no, not like that, I’m a teacher’s assistant on Mondays with the 6-7 year olds, which would be awesome enough, but they’re PAYING me, too!? I get $7/hour towards my tuition, plus I get to help with the little chubs? I said yes, of course, and I can’t wait.
  • A bunch of jerks moved up into my ballet class, but providentially they aren’t en pointe, so I get to escape them for that hour. I can just picture myself leaving class with my pointe shoes over my shoulder just being like, ”Later, losers! Have fun being bored in pre-pointe!” (which I’d never actually do, but it’s funny to think about)
  • I went fishing with my brothers at a nearby inlet of the bay, and they brought an inflatable raft. So after a while, I got tired of fishing from the pier, and asked for a ride in the boat. Well, long story short, I slipped and sat down in the water twice, ended up walking 50 yards just to get back to shore, and caught no fish, but not before I turned back at that raft and yelled ”Curse you and your manufacturers!!” Apparently I’m quite nautically inept. Interestingly the next time we took the raft to the water, it got accidentally stabbed with a fillet knife. Hopefully the curse didn’t reach the manufacturers….
  • I went leotard shopping and had an awesome time, like why have I never done this before?


  • I’m pretty much using GNU/Linux full time now ’cause Windows broke on my laptop, good riddance! Free as in freedom!
  • I learned to do flips on a trampoline-well, less learned, and more just took a risk and tried it. I’m now convinced my family needs one, because we have all this space anyway.
  • I got together with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year, and OMG I just had the best time. We sang all the geeky songs we used to, ran back and forth across the backyard with umbrellas to try to get my brother and his friend’s attention, horsed around in the pool….it was fantastic. Although how I remembered all those ridiculous lyrics is beyond me.
  • Went AIP Paleo and to be honest I’m not liking it that much….

September Stuff

This month’s goals;

  • Keep up with my schoolwork
  • Keep up with both of my blogs
  • Stay Paleo (it’s not happening, I just know it)
  • Save enough money for a laptop I can put Linux on. Windows sucks, spies on me, and supports Planned Parenthood and the alphabet soup gang (LGBT ”marriage”)). Noooooo thank you
  • Freaking actually lose the weight I wanna lose, this month I’m really going to try to do it

How was your August? Are you loving or hating September?