Google Translate


Hello, cupcakes! To put it quite bluntly, today I’m running random things through Google Translate to see just how badly it messes things up. Let’s just jump right in, because I have a feeling this will be hysterical.

To start, I sent a simple sentence through.

This is what happens when you run something through Google translate too many times.


This happens when you use Google Translate often.

Not so bad. I translated it from English to Spanish to French to Lithuanian and back to English. It still has some of what I said in it…

But what happens when you send song lyrics through the translator?

I got this life to fix
Threw it all out in a ditch
Broken down when I was sick
Gotta build it back up brick by brick
I got this life to fix
Threw it all out in a ditch
Broken down when I was sick
Gotta build it back up brick by brick

I left my home today
I didn’t have that much to say
This time alone is all I got
Singing my song in the parking lot
Every day I wake this way
Some the days I just can’t take
Get that money, get that break
You ain’t gonna win if you ain’t gonna play

Life To Fix|The Record Company

Annnnd here’s what Google Translate spit out;

I found this life to be resolved
He retired to a box
I broke up when I was sick
I have to rebuild bricks in the brick
I found this life to be resolved
He retired to a box
I broke up when I was sick
I have to rebuild bricks in the brick

Today I left my house
I did not say much
This time is the only thing I have
Singing my song in the park
Every day after this route
Some days I can not take
Take that money, take that rest
You will not get a victory if you are not playing

What Google Translate Spat Out|Google

*cracks up* That was my favorite song run through from English to Irish to Italian to Spanish. ”He retired to a box?” Where the heck did that come from?

So what about poems? (I’m feeling wicked now).

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Google, however, gave me this;
Spread two roads in a yellow forest,
And I’m sorry, I could not travel so much
And being a traveler, I stood up for a long time
And I looked down, as far as possible
At the point he focused in the brush;
Then he took the other, just as right,
And maybe it’s the best application
Because he was covered with grass and looking for clothes,
Who belongs to the passage there
I really used them in the same way, 

And these two mornings were so calm
In the leaves, step by step was not black.
Oh, I kept the next one for another day!
However, I know how the road goes to the street
I suspect it will never come back.

I say with a sigh
Somewhere, age and age, then:
I left two roads in a forest, and I,
I visited at least,
And that did that difference.

What Google Translate Spat Out by Google

To be honest, I think this isn’t too bad. But ”he was covered in grass and looking for clothes?” What?? Next time I’m supposed to memorize a poem, I’m totally going to do the translated version

I just know Google will mangle this. For my final act, I’m running a text conversation through Irish, Italian, Spanish, and back to English.


That’s what my friend and I actually said.

Google Translate, however, disagrees.


*facedesks* Hahahahahaha!!! I had no idea I that I’m CEO of Google Translate. But then again, apparently I’m ”despairing”, so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed!

Wow, this post was really fun to make. Hope you guys laughed as much as I did!

Thoughts on Google Translate and Robert Frost?



The Avocado Tag|Thanks, Bayance!


Heyyy, cupcakes! The marvelous Bayance nominated me for the Avocado Tag-which is perfect ’cause I looooooove avocados. (zero-carb, high-fat, super-delicious, lotsa-hyphens).

My rambling has gone on for too long, so let’s just get started, shall we?

The Rules;

1. Thank the person who tagged you giving a link to their blog.

2. Mention the creator of this tag giving a link to their blog!

3. Publish this post using the tag on WordPress #AvocadoTag.

4. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.

5. Tag at a minimum 10 people to do this tag and let them know you tagged them.

6. Add the Avocado tag logo in your post.

Thanks again to you, Bayance, all you other readers, go check her out, she’s fabulous.

Anna Regina created this tag, so kudos to her for recognizing the true yet humble glory of the avocado.

The Questions;

1} What things do you like doing the most during summer?

I love so much about summer, but the three biggies are going on vacation (which you can read about here), reading in my treehouse, and sleeping outside under the stars. (not every night, I do have a bedroom, don’t worry).

What’s your favorite summer drink?

Raspberry lemonade, or iced tea mixed with lemonade (delicious, by the way)

Do you like avocados?

HECK YES!! *ahem*. I love avocados, as I stated above, especially in salads, in smoothies or plain with balsamic vinegar poured over them.

Do you like spicy food? If yes, what’s your fave spicy food? If not, why not lol?

Ummm…it depends of the level of spiciness. I love spicy BBQ sauce and spicy Italian sausages, but if you want to watch someone eat a Mexican ghost pepper, don’t look at me.

What’s the last thing you’ve eaten?

A cucumber slice dipped in ranch dressing. However, I’ve got half a pepper on it’s way to my mouth.

Last song you’ve listened to?

Waving Through A Window from Dear Evan Hansen. It practically describes my social life in a bunch of metaphors.

On the outside, always looking in

Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?

‘Cause I’m tap-tap-tapping on the glass

I’m waving through a window

I try to speak, but nobody can hear

So I wait around for an answer to appear

‘Cause I’m watch-watch-watching people pass

I’m waving through a window

I know, it’s a sad song, and I’m blithely cheerful. Sorry.

Tell us a funny anecdote you’ve had

Okay, so last year, in my dance school’s production of The Nutcracker, I was an understudy for Party Scene (the first act, where all the children are running around making mischief with Clara and Fritz). There’s one part of the (very long) dance where everyone skips in a circle around Franz, who then pulls Clara out and dips her. But one time, when I was filling in for someone, the girl playing Franz accidentally grabbed ME. And she looked down at me, and I looked up and we both were absolutely horrified for a second, so she let go and I nearly fell. And then we started laughing hysterically, because a) I was understudying a party BOY, and b) that moment of horror was hilarious in retrospect. It took a full two minutes to restore order, because even the teacher was laughing, the whole thing was so ridiculous and funny.

Would you rather be a zebra with rainbow stripes or a zebra whose stripes glow in the dark?

I’d rather have glow-in-the-dark stripes, because attention IRL makes me uncomfortable because I’m painfully awkward in real life.

Can you draw a shark with your opposite hand (the hand you don’t use to write nor draw)? Show a picture!


I’m right-handed, so I did this with my left- that is, I tried…the thing I find funny about this is that fish in front of the shark looks so sad and droopy, haha. Not gonna be hard for the shark to eat…

What are 3 things that make you laugh?

  • My cat’s antics
  • Jumping on my friend Nina’s trampoline and screaming ”SWEET MONKEY FRITTERS!!”
  • The song Albuquerque by Weird Al

I tag;

  1. Julia
  2. Aqsa
  3. Mal
  4. Rhiana
  5. Chachel
  6. Lizzy
  7. Brad
  8. Jewel
  9. Hope
  10. Arabella

My Questions;

  • Do you like avocados?
  • Favorite flavor of ice cream?
  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • Do you have any jokes that always make you laugh?
  • What’s your favorite song right now?
  • What time is it right now?
  • Who/what can always cheer you up?
  • Favorite thing about blogging?

Have fun, guys! And anyone who would like to do this is welcome to.

Answer one of the questions I was asked!


Awesome Blogger Award|Thanks, Rhiana!



Greetings, readers! My lovely internet friend  Rhiana nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. (Thanks, girl! Marshmallows forever!)

Her questions+My answers…

1) How long have you been blogging for? (feel free to be specific right down to the minutes and seconds if you like! XD)

I’ve been blogging for 1 year, 7 months, 19 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes, and 12 seconds.

2) What are some of your favourite YouTube Channels?

I don’t generally watch a lot of YouTube, but when I do, I love Good Mythical Morning, StudioC, and Odd1sOut

3) What time is it (please include seconds!)?

2:18:54 pm.

4) Favourite season? And why?

*thinks hard* I think either fall or spring, but honestly, I always think every season is my favorite when it rolls around.

5) Who was your most recent follower?

Aqsa. *stares at name trying to figure out how  you pronounce it*

6) How many blogs are you currently following? (Please say under 100)

I follow….I have no idea. I would guess around 30-50, but I don’t really know.

7) What is one thing you MUST do everyday? (besides eating, drinking, bathing, etc.)

Snuggle my cats and listen to music. So fuzzy…(the cats, not the music)

8) What makes you unique?

Well…I’m…Um….*yells question to nearest sibling* My brother said he’d ”get back to me on that one”, so I guess I’m on my own. I have weirdly flexible hips, and gray eyes, which only 2% of the world’s population has…does that make me unique?

9) How often do you visit the doctor?

Umm…wait, what? I can’t even remember how long ago I last went, actually… I really hate medical stuff, so I avoid it like the plague (which I also avoid).

10) What is your favourite pet? (If you have one!)

I’ve actually had seven cats (named in alphabetical order) Apollo, Behemoth, Cecil, Duke, Echo, Fabian, and Gracie. (Currently, we just have Apollo, Echo, and Fabian). I’ve also had two lizards, four parakeets, one betta fish, and various chickens and ducks. However, I like the cats best.

I nominate;



Bayance (you’ve probably already done this)




I’m supposed to ask 9 questions, and then 1 random question. (My questions are a mix of Rhi’s and my own)

  1. What do you think is most important to successful blogging?
  2. Do you have a posting schedule?
  3. Are you currently satisfied with your blog’s name, design, and site address?
  4. Do you have any miscellaneous tips for bloggers?
  5. What’s the best and worst thing that happened this week?
  6. What is your favorite meal; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?
  7. What is one thing you MUST do everyday? (besides eating, drinking, bathing, etc.)
  8. What makes you unique?
  9. What are some of your favourite YouTube Channels?
  10. (random question) Thoughts on going to the doctor?

Lastly, I couldn’t find rules for this, so I’m putting them into a nice easy to copy-and-paste format for you.

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to them
  • Answer their questions
  • Nominate as many or as few bloggers as you’d like
  • Ask them 9 questions, and one completely random question

Thank you again, Rhiana!

And by the way, anyone who’d like to do this is more than welcome to!


Blogger Problems #2

Blogger Problems


Ah, yes, I’m here again with blogger problems, so we can all lament together and be like, I KNOW RIGHT??? Because that’s what we internet people do. Laugh about our quirks and wish we knew each other in real life. And try to pretend that we’re not socially awkward because our entire life consists of ranting online…


I totally do this when I’m bored, and mentally edit the posts in my head. Anyone else do it?


Credit goes to Rhi for this one-it’s SO true! They just don’t get the level of commitment involved in blogging, and it’s so disappointing because if they really worked at it, you know they could be amazing.

Any blogger problems suggestions are welcome! If I relate, I’ll make graphics and you, lovely reader, gets a shout-out.




Home Alone (With My Siblings)

Home Alone(With My Siblings).png

Parents; ”We’re going out tonight, you and your older brothers are in charge, everyone should go to bed at 10 pm.”

Me; ”Sure, Mom.”

Ah, yes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Annnnd yet it never is.

Home alone with my siblings; I have actually had to utter these sentences…

”No, we are not going to set those moldy grapes on fire, put the matches down!”

”Do not feed the cats cheese! Eat it yourself!”


”Ohhhh no, no M rated games for you!”

I’ve actually had to…

  • Spray my cats with the hose in February to break up a cat fight
  • Wash shrimp alfredo sauce out of my sister’s hair because ”somebody” flipped a plate off the table
  • Fish my glasses out of the sink because they fell off when my younger brother came barreling through the kitchen while I was clearing the table
  • Rewrite an entire post on my blog because a rogue golf ball just happened to hit the power button on my laptop (don’t ask where the ball came from)

However, we have had some awesome XBOX battles, and Monopoly tournaments.

I usually get to cook on nights when my parents go out, which I love.

I get a free pass to use my laptop all evening, which means I can churn out a post or two (if I’m not too distracted by Pinterest)

And, of course, my little sister and I can giggle together after we go to bed without having to freeze every time we hear footsteps outside our door.

Do you ever stay home with you siblings?




Pointe Shoes|Expectation vs Reality

Pointe Shoes_Expectation vs Reality.png

Heyyyy, there! As most of you know, I got my first pair of pointe shoes back in June, and since then I’ve had a couple of classes on them. And now I know how pointe shoes actually feel, and have dispelled some false assumptions. Here’s a few;

How They Feel

Expectation; It will hurt like heck and my toes will bleed.

Reality; It really hurts, but no bleeding so far. Yay?

How I Look In Them

Expectation; I will look beautiful and like a ballerina

Reality; I look like a stocky redheaded elf who decided she wanted to dance (and to make it worse my dance school decided to put me on their Facebook page, like why??)

Dancing In Them At The Barre

Expectation; I will be able to at least do a few simple things in them at first

Worry; I will never be able to get up over them and I will be a loser forever


Dancing In Them In The Center

Expectation; Wait, there’s center work?

Reality; I’m really not ready for this…*does it anyway and barely manages it*


End Of Class

Expectation; I will be SO happy to get them off!

Reality; They hurt SO bad, but I want to keep dancing!!

When I Tell People I Have Them;

Expectation; Oh, that’s so cool!

Reality; What are pointe shoes?


Do you dance or play another sport?



Blogger Problems|New Series

Blogger Problems.png

Hey, guys! What be up? (bad grammar intentional). Anyway, may I present my newest post series, Blogger Problems! Essentially where I go nuts with the graphic design and make pleasing images of all the annoying things bloggers can relate to.

All my best friends are on the internet

I’m looking at you, Bayance, Emmie, and Rebekah. If you’re ever in the Chesapeake Bay area….

bloggerproblems #2

This happened to me when I was a baby blogger and had just started my doll blog…I told my friend who loved dolls, and then the next week everyone was saying ”Hey, your blog is neat,” and ”You blog??”. And I was just like ”I really don’t want to talk about it….” ..”

What are some blogger problems you’ve been having? If I relate, I’ll make graphics!


Question+Answer|Summer Edition


Hey, there, guys! It’s finally here-my first Q&A post. I got some awesome questiosn form all of you, so let’s just jump right in.

Mary E. asked;

Q.If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy?

A. Hmmmm….probably get a .com domain for TTC, get a purebred siamese (I love siamese cats, they’re awesome), redo my room, and then  if there was any money left over, probably use the rest on my doll hobby.

Q.What is your favorite dog breed?

A. I’m not really a dog person (nothing wrong with them, I just like cats better), but I really like yorkies.

Q.What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

A. My t-shirt that has my dance school’s logo on it.

Q.Do you like doing laundry?

A. Noooooooooo!!

Q.What would be your top 3 things to see in Paris?

A. OK, to be honest, if I was in Paris I’d probably just spend all my time eating cheese and chocolate and gelato.

Q.Fave dessert: ice cream, cake, chocolate, or cheesecake?

A. Can it be chocolate cake with ice cream?

Q.If you could be any bird, which one would you be?

A. If I was any bird, I think I’d be a parakeet; insanely chatty and sometimes awkward, but if I could be any bird, I’d love to be a hawk.

Q.If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

A. Does this person have to exist? Because I’d love to meet Foaly. But I assume you mean an actual person, and in that case, maybe Misty Copeland.

Q.Who is the author you would most want to sit down and have tea with?

A. Kerry Weber.


Liz-Home With The Hummingbirds asked;

Q. What are your answers to the questions you asked us??? 😉

A. 1) I love pineapple on pizza. 2) They both have bills, but only one has feathers. 3) I dyed my hair red.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Cake! And kale chips.

Q. Why did you start your blog?

A. Honestly, it was because I felt like I was talking wayyy too much on my doll blog, and people kept asking if I had a personal blog.
Q. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

A. Every Christmas Eve, my family goes to Midnight Mass, and then we all read The Night Before Christmas before going to bed (at 1 am, no less)

Q. What are your plans for this summer?

A. Dancing en pointe!! And swimming a lot, I guess, My summer is pretty lowkey this year.

AGsInAlaska asked;

Q. What do you hate the most about ballet?

A. Oh, that’s hard. I love almost everything about ballet, but…I really hate the way people start acting sometimes when they get a big role and are suddenly super conceited. I think most people will agree with me.
Q. Favorite food?

A. Cake! And Kale chips.

Bella asked

Q. Who are your favorite celebrities?

A. Honestly, I’m super out of touch with the celebrity world, so….I have no idea.

Q. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

A. I really love Good Mythical Morning and StudioC

Q. What made you want to start a blog?

A. So I could rant about my life, I suppose.

Q. What are some of the things on your summer bucket list?

A. Here are a couple of highlights;

1) Go sit on a park bench somewhere wearing an LEP t-shirt, reading Artemis Fowl, and see if anyone notices the correlation.

2) Sleep out in my treehouse one night

3) Find a banister to slide down somewhere


Thanks so much to everyone who asked questions! I had so much fun answering them.

And now your answers to the questions I asked you;

What’s the difference between a duck and an insurance company?

Julia said; “Well, a duck can swim when it sinks but I don’t really know if an insurance company can.”

Haha, awesome, Julia! Very true!

Opinions of pineapple on pizza?

Bella said; ”I don’t discriminate on pizza toppings, so I think that pineapples on pizza are good…just as long as there aren’t too many!”

I agree, Bella!

If you could dye your hair, what color would you choose?

Liz said; ”I don’t think I want to dye my hair. If I had to, I would just do a darker brown than it is now. 😉 ”

Sounds super pretty, Liz!

Thanks again, guys!



Confessions of a Fangirl

Confessions Of A Fangirl.png

Happy belated Independence Day to my American readers, I hope you didn’t do anything crazy with the fireworks last night.

Everyone’s got a fandom, right? And lots of people are crazy fans, right?

You guys all know I’m ridiculously obsessed with Artemis Fowl. I love it so much. I’m like those Harry Potter loving people who wear Hogwarts sweatshirts and carry wands around wishing they were wizards or witches. Continue reading “Confessions of a Fangirl”

June Recap|July Goals

June Recap_July Goals.png

Hello, cupcakes!

Whew, June both sped by and dragged. I think it’s been one of the best months ever.


  • My church carnival
  • I got to go to Washington D.C.
  • I performed in Cinderella, and wore my first real tutu
  • I spent an awesome afternoon with my cousin (she lives 4 hours away and I hardly ever see her) discussing Artemis Fowl, W.A.R.P., and Percy Jackson.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, June stats;


  • Artemis Fowl Fanfiction

Hehe….I was so sad about Artemis Fowl ending (and the movie is going to s-u-c-k, so that’s no help) and then I found out there’s heaps of fanfiction out there? Me; *screams*

But I did read a lot of it, so….


My June goals were;

  • Survive Tech Week ✔️
  • Write at least three letters✖️
  • Post a minimum of five times (not including this)✖️
  • Go strict keto for a month✔️
  • Sew a ballet skirt✖️

So 2 out of 3. Which is depressing no matter how you slice it. D’Arvit.

July Goals;

  • Enjoy dancing en pointe
  • Post at least five times (tryin’ again, guys)
  • Post on my doll blog at least three times

July’s going to be pretty lowkey, I suppose.

June Favorites;

  • I Want To Run|Mates of State
  • Bad Blood|Bastille
  • Studio C
  • Artemis Fowl Fandom
  • Having red hair


  • I learned to flip off the diving board into my pool! It was rather scary at first, but it’s the coolest feeling when you nail it.
  • I dyed my hair red!

^Before^ ………………………………………………………………………………………………….^After^

I love it sooooo much!

And here are a few pictures of pointe shoes;

AHHHH GUYS I JUST LOVE POINTE SHOES!!! *ahem*. I’m the one in the yellow shirt who’s looking down…

Now I’m looking up…


Me trying to sous su but I’m not all the way over the platform of my shoe. I seem pretty darn happy though, understandably.

It was an amazing day. Although my ankles hurt like hell and I wasn’t even on pointe for ten minutes.

How was June for you?