Rules Of Blog Email

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Hey, there, cupcakes!

What are the rules of blog-related email?

Today I’m going to sort that out.

Rule #1: When To Email

If you just want to tell someone something about their site (”I think your header is misspelled”) then just comment it. If you want to talk about something that you don’t want everybody to see, then email (”Do you want to do a surprise collab?”). However, please, please, please, don’t email someone just to say ”I have a new post up!”. If they want to see, they’ll follow you, and everyone hates email like that, because it’s essentially spam. Unless this is a close blogging friend who you think might not have seen the post, just don’t. This also applies to giveaways you might be having (but if you are emailing a friend to tell them about a giveaway, that’s fine. Then you’re just being a friend) or blog parties.

Rule #2: Stop Hitting ‘Reply All’

GUYS JUST DON’T DO THIS!! Unless you’re in a group type email situation, it’s exceedingly irritating to be getting emails from people you don’t even know replying to the person who emailed everybody. If it’s an invitation to do a collab, or an announcement, there’s a button labeled ‘reply’. Hit that, not ‘reply all’. It’ll save you inbox space, and an angry virtual mob if you do.

Rule #3: Make Use Of The Subject Line

It makes everything a whole lot easier if you use the subject line! Something short and sweet is good; ”Summer Fun Collab” ”Blog Design Commission”. It’s rather annoying when an email just says ”No Subject” or just ”Hi!” (that one might as well be the default, everyone uses it so much). Be descriptive, and for extra points, capitalize the first letter in each word.

Rule #4: Identify Yourself

If I’m reading your email, I’d like to know who you are. Anonymity is not what you want when writing an email. It’s not hard, just say ”Hi, this is [insert name] from [insert blog name].

These are the rules I came up with. If you have any to add, comment them down below! Maybe if I get several more rules I can make this an e-book for bloggers. πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Rules Of Blog Email

    1. Also, is it alright if I do a, “Rules to having a blog” post? I’d link back to your blog (only if you are ok with me writing that post)

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  1. Hey Natalie! I have a contest up on my blog, Would you Like to check it out?? It’s a photography and writing contest. You don’t have to check it out if you don’t want to though.;)


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