Moi Beach Trip

Moi Beach Trip.png

Well, hello there, cupcakes!

Two weeks ago, whilst I disappeared (sorry again), I spent an epic week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina…mostly on the beach.

I also spent a lot of time toting my camera so I could brag on social media about the awesome week I was having (kidding, kidding, I’m not trying to brag).


This is the beach house we stayed at. It was really nice and roomy, which was great because my family goes stir-crazy in small places.


View of the other beach houses.



I was trying to get a decent picture of the moon, but it was actually really hard. I guess because the moon glows it confused my camera?


I’m not quite sure why I like this picture, maybe because it’s sort of tumblr-esque?

And now, beach pictures!


The ocean! Pleasingly blurry. πŸ˜‰DSCF9630My very sandy feet. I get my pointe shoes soon, and I’ve been getting pictures of me feet while they aren’t completely gnarled and terrifying. (pointe will be worth it though)DSCF9635

My shoes, which most of the time were not worn.


More ocean.DSCF9624

Even more ocean.


Opposite shells.


Are you planning to go on vacation this year?




20 thoughts on “Moi Beach Trip

  1. Love these photos!! Looks like you had a great time but omg same when it comes to taking pictures of the moon. The camera is so confused and it literally can’t focus and it ends up making the moon 100 times less gorgeous than it is.

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