May Recap|June Goals

May Recap.png

Hello, there! I apologize that this is late, my internet has been flaky as of late. Anyway, let’s wrap May 2018 up.


Wow, that’s so depressing I’m not even going to comment. Next!


  • Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident
  • Artemis Fowl; The Eternity Code
  • Artemis Fowl; The Opal Deception
  • Artemis Fowl; The Lost Colony
  • Artemis Fowl; The Atlantis Complex
  • Artemis Fowl; The Time Paradox
  • Artemis Fowl; The Last Guardian

I’m now an official Fowl Fanatic. The series is SO AWESOME. I literally read all the books except one in a month. Let me put it this way; this series is so awesome I returned all the Harry Potter books I was reading without finishing and turned down a chance to watch Star Wars in order to read them.



  • Learned to read Gnommish so well that I can read it almost as well as I can English (because I had nothing better to do, apparently)
  • Found a pair of sandals that fit me (after trying on 14 pairs, no less)
  • Finally figured out what my ballet teacher meant when she said ”Drop your hip down in attitude.”
  • Made keto biscuits and gravy which was surprisingly like the real thing


  • It’s official-I’ve got a new fictional crush, on (who else?) Artemis Fowl II
  • I’m getting a new cat this July! Felines forever! In case you didn’t already know, my family names all of our cats in alphabetical order, and this will be our ‘H’ cat. I really want to name it Holly, after Captain Holly Short in the (you guessed it) Artemis Fowl books.

May Favorites;

  • Artemis Fowl
  • American Cheese
  • The song Life To Fix by The Record Company
  • Cats

June Goals;

  • Survive Tech Week
  • Write at least three letters
  • Post a minimum of five times (not including this)
  • Go strict keto for a month
  • Sew a ballet skirt

How was your May?


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