I’m Back (Again)

I'm Back (Again)
I was gone for so long, I nearly forgot my WP password. #oops

Hey, guys! Loooooooooong time no see.

I missed you, and I’m glad to be posting again.


I have so much to tell you I’m practically vibrating like a phone put on silent. Which is a surprisingly accurate analogy, go figure.

Let’s see….

  • I got into a new book series and finished it and now I’m fangirling all over it. The Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer are sososososo good. I just found out that they’re making a movie, but I don’t have high hopes because Disney is making it and that basically spells death for any movie ( I hate Disney with a fiery passion, be prepared for a post on it) I’ll probably watch it anyway and then be sunk into depression, if it’s bad, but ah well.
  • I got the stomach flu and spent two days feeling like a zombie.
  • I get my pointe shoes in 27 daysss! I’m so freaking excited.
  • I went on vacation and spent an awesome week at the beach in the Outer Banks on NC with a bunch of my extended family.
  • I spent so much time in the sun at the beach that I got a rather bad sunburn. Now I use gobs and gobs of sunblock whenever I go outside.
  • As another result of all that sun, I realized I’m getting a spray of freckles on my nose and cheekbones. Not quite sure about how I feel about that yet…
  • I’m dyeing my hair red this summer. I’ve had caramel blonde hair my whole life and I’m definitely ready for something different. I’m not going the bleaching route, though, because that’s pretty damaging to hair, I’m having a semi-permanent salon job done. I’ll post before and after pictures when I get it done.
  • I have a show to perform in in two weeks. I get to wear a real tutuuuuuuu, my life is completeeee….(I wish)
  • I changed my tagline to Live.Love.Laugh because that whole flair thing? Not happening lately.

Now, about the whole disaster that is my blogs…well, actually, my favorite band released a new single that describes it all in musical form:

I got this life to fix

Threw it all out in a ditch

Broke it down while I was sick

I build it back up brick by brick

Life To Fix|The Record Company

Wait a second, it also describes my life right now…πŸ˜’

I dream about you every day

I can’t go back, I’ve gone away

Knock me down, well that’s okay

We all look back on yesterday

Life To Fix|The Record Company

Gosh, I love that song. (Definitely listen to it, it’s fabulous).

Tech week for my summer show is this week, so I probably will not be posting, but after that I’m freeeeeeeeeeee! SUMMERRRRR!
*Ahem,* anyway, I’ll be posting lots this summer, fingers crossed.By the way, would anyone be interested in a backstage journal post and/or a pointe shoe post?

So, what’s been up with you guys as of late? Are you out of school yet? Have anything exciting planned?



14 thoughts on “I’m Back (Again)

  1. Welcome back Natalie! It looks like lot’s of stuff has been happening lately. POINTE SHOES!!!!!!! That’s so SO exciting! I hope you enjoy pointe, I actually love it even more than dancing in slippers! Oh my gosh! Your performance is in two weeks? Mine too! That’s so funny! Good luck at your show!
    -Katie πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Katie! Yep, I’ve been pretty busy lately. YES! I’m so excited! Really?? Coolness! What ballet are you doing? Or is it a recital? Break a leg! (Metaphorically speaking, I’d hate for you to actually break it, XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome πŸ™‚ we’re doing a recital, our theme this year is Disney, so for ballet I’m doing Colors of the Wind, and pointe will be When She Loved Me (that really depressing song from Toy Story 2 XD). What ballet are you doing? Thanks! You too! (But don’t actually break it….LOL πŸ˜‰ )
    -Katie πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh really? That’s so awesome! I just saw a classical Cinderella ballet in April! Does your dance school film the show? If so I’d love to see it!
        -Katie πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay! If you find it on YouTube then I’ll totally watch it! Yeah they do, but I don’t think they put it on YouTube, I’ll try to see if they do though… we sell DVDs of the shows to support the school and the competitive team, I can think of one show that they did put on YouTube, so we’ll see πŸ™‚
        -Katie πŸ™‚

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