Dandelion Philosophy

I’ve been wishing on dandelions a lot these past few months.

Make me thinner. *fwoosh*

Let me ace this audition. *fwoosh*

Fix my @#$?%& life!! *fwoosh*

I know that blowing the seeds off of what, in all honesty is just a pretty weed is not going to fix my life’s problems. Yet there’s a little voice in my head that says; but it can’t hurt, can it?

I’m the person who, when given a deal, always says, ”what’s the catch?” Almost all deals have a caveat, right?

So, naturally, there has to be a catch when you wish on a dandelion. Do you have to make sure all the seeds land somewhere with soil? Do you have to blow all the seeds off in one breath? What if some of the seeds come off when you pick the dandelion? And what about dandelions that are half blown away already? Do they count? Does your wish have to be specific, or can you trust the dandelion to grant your wish the way you want it to? Can you wish on more than one dandelion per day? Per week? Just fwooshing the seeds off the dandelion and tossing the stem seems way too easy.

After contemplating this for a while, I decided the following; It doesn’t matter if only a few seeds are gone, or come off when you pick the dandelion, but dandelions with half or more of their seeds gone don’t make a valid wish. Your wish should be relatively specific, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Wishes only count if you blow all the seeds off in one breath, and you have to at least aim for a grassy area where they can grow. You can’t wish on more than one dandelion per day, or your second wish won’t be granted.

That’s my dandelion philosophy, which is what happens when a tween with an overactive imagination contemplates the mysteries of wishing on weeds. Stay tuned for next week’s Birthday Cake Candle Philosophy. (JK, unless you guys actually want that)