New Site Sneak Peek+Poll (CLOSED)

Sneak Peek Of New Site+Poll

Hi again, peeps! This post is technically ‘unofficial,’ as it will be lost when the domain switch happens, but that’s of no importance-because today, I need you to take a poll! It’s not long or tedious, so I’d really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and take it…plus, if you make it to the end, you get a sneak peek of my new blog design!

Take the poll here!

Thanks again, cupcakes! By the way, the site switch is scheduled for Monday, March 5th. At 9:00am EST, I will be posting a link to my brand-new site. I will most likely not be posting until then (unless I have to reschedule it, fingers crossed I won’t), as importing is a pain. And all will go back to normal after the site switch. There may be virtual cupcakes to celebrate.



5 Weird Toys+ Domain Update

5 Tasteless Toys.png

Hey, Peeps! Today I’ve got another roundup post for you-this time, it’s some toys that I think are just utterly tacky/gauche/tasteless-I’ve decided to make this a weekly post series, because I pretty much do them once a week already. 5 Things Friday, anyone?


1. L.O.L Surprise Dolls

Apparently the L.O.L stands for ”Li’l Outrageous Littles.” But why are the dolls heads so big? Are they supposed to be babies? Toddlers? If so, why does the one in the picture have a coffee cup? The doll looks overtly made-up and strange-overall almost ugly. Not a tasteful toy, in my opinion.


2. Slime

I really don’t get why this is such a big deal-it’s squishy and stretchy….and you can make it sparkly. It seems like it’s moment in the spotlight should have lasted about 30 seconds. But no, people are still mixing glue, borax, shaving cream, and goodness-knows-what-else to make this gooey substance. I admit, it was fun for about 5 minutes, and it can be a good science experiment, and stress-reliever, but then? Ok, I’m done. I find slime tacky for a couple of reasons; what kind of person walks around all day with a blob of borax goop? Not someone with any kind of taste or flair.  Also, handing around and playing with slime is a really good way to get the flu, or any other kind of bug that’s going around, because you are basically playing with a ball of germs. Not sanitary, guys.

[for more on disliking slime, check out Bayance’s post here.]

3. FurReal Friends

These things seriously creep me out. Supposedly, they are animatronic ”pets” that make noises and blink and eat or whatever.  However, you stop caring about all that when you are alone in a dark room and you hear a creepy barking sound that makes you jump. That alone would be enough to make me not like them, but they are also overpriced, break easily (my sister bought one, and it broke within a week. By then, however, she had lost interest, because it didn’t move on it’s own like the commercial implied.) and are no replacement for real pets. Actually, I find the majority of them to be blatant insults to the animals they try to replace. I have two cats. They are my furbabies. They pur, and play, and I never have to change their batteries. They walk around of their own free will, and are not limited to silly voice-commands. No robotic-fake-fur-covered device could replace them, ever.


4. Num Noms Snackables Dippers

From what I could gather, these are (non-edible, the packaging makes that clear) plastic cups filled with slime that have a little toy inside. As I said in #2, I find slime uninteresting and tacky. Well, these slimes are even weirder, because they’re scented. Gross. Also, they cost $3.99…so what you are buying is a disgustingly scented borax concoction with a piece of plastic inside. Eventually, it’s just going to get mashed into your carpet and the little toy will get lost. What a fabulous purchase.


5. Fidget Spinners

Like the slime, these bewilder me. They spin. Big deal. Why are we so obsessed?



I’m just making some last adjustments to my new site, and getting everything ready, including the special surprise (I’m so excited for it! EEK!). However, due to some stubborn glitches in the widgets on my new site, and a couple of other weird quirks, my domain switch has been rescheduled to the first week of March. I’ll let you know the exact date closer to the time. Thanks for being patient!


Homeschool Collab With Zella!


Hello, peeps! The amazing Zella of Dancing Among the Stars agreed to do a collab with me! (Thanks again, Zella, you rock, girl!). She is cyber private schooled, and I am homeschooled, so we decided to do a comparison between the two. My answers are in italics, hers are in bold.
1. Is this your first collab?
It’s my first collab on TTC, but not my first ever-I did an Easter craft collab with Anna at Fromadollsperspective last year on TAGS.
Yes, actually. I have never done a collab before.
2. What does you school day look like?
8:30 am~Wake up, eat breakfast (usually I cook myself eggs)
9:00 am~Start schoolwork. I usually begin with math, or homework from my co-op, which I’ll tell you about in a bit. Next, I usually do Catechism-I’m doing an awesome Catholic catechism online course, and it’s super interesting. I have a video lecture to watch, and then I answer review questions. I do the same for history, except I also read a chapter of the history book.
12:00 pm~Lunch
1:00 pm; Finish anything I didn’t do in the morning-I do geography with my Mom, so most days I do geography after lunch.
1:30-5:30; Free time!
5:30; Dinner
Three days a week I have ballet after dinner, from 6:30-9:00
I eat breakfast between 7:20 and 7:45. Sometimes my breakfast makes it into class.
Except if it’s Friday, I have online classes from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm. Then I go to lunch and music class (which really means piano practice) from 1:00 – 1:30. I check blog posts during lunch too, if I can get a free minute or two. Usually I take care of little things like cleaning my desk or responding to school related stuff. After lunch, I take care of some flashcards and study tools and take a spelling test until about 2:00 pm, in which I have study hall until 3:00 pm. Then the bus rolls by my house, and I get started on my homework.
3. What grade are you in, if you can answer this question? Do you do multiple grades? Are you young or old for your grade level?
I believe I am in 7th grade, and I think I’m a little young for it. I do high school Latin, though.
I’m in the 8th grade. I’m probably way ahead of my level by public school standards, but at my school, I’m right on track. I’m actually BEHIND in Latin and Logic than most 8th graders at school, but who cares? I’m ahead in everything else.
4. How many hours of school do you do per day?
Somewhere between 3 and 4 per day. It can vary, depending on how motivated I feel.
Oh….I don’t keep count. I’m in school from 8 – 3 (or sometimes later if I’m taking a large exam). Then I do homework from 3 until. Until when…I never know. The end time hangs out somewhere between 10:30 pm — 11:15 pm. So, I do the normal amount of hours that all your public schooled compadres do.
5. Do you have other friends who are homeschoolers?
I do! I have friends from my co-op, and I have some homeschooled friends here on WP!
A few, but I interact more with people who go to school since there aren’t that many homeschoolers in my area, but traditional homeschoolers are cool people too!
6. Do you attend a co-op? If so, what classes do you attend there/how does it work? If not, have you in the past?
Yes! I attend Catholic Schoolhouse. It’s a national co-op, meaning there are chapters all over the country. Elementary school kids memorize different facts about math, science, history, and religion, and they do art and science. I’m a middle schooler, though, so I have Art, Science, History, Religion, Art, Logic, and writing. It’s really, really awesome!
I’ve never been to a co-op. My mother offered to sign me up for one, but I told her that being in Veritas was too much work already, and not too bother. We’re not the typical homeschooling family.
7. What got you started blogging?
Yay! Story time! I started blogging just about a year ago, originally about American Girl Dolls. After about 9 months, I started feeling like I wanted to post about non-doll-related things. In January, I started Taking the Cake, my lifestyle blog-I launched it on my 12th birthday! And in a few weeks, I’ll be moving to a self hosted domain.
I started just this past summer. I was looking for a free and fast website maker where I could sell my book and post about my writing projects. As more and more people began to follow me, I realized that I was made for more than posting only about writing. I split up my book and blog, thus creating Dancing Among the Stars. This summer though, I’m planning to put them back together, buy a domain name, and create tons of posts that will be published once a week, that way I’m not distracted during school if posts are already written up. I’m trying to think of a name that I like.
Thanks again for doing this with me Zella! You should definitely go check out her amazing blog, Dancing Among The Stars.

The Valentine’s Day Tag

Hello, Peeps! AGsinAlaska tagged me for the Valentine’s Tag! The rules are;

1. Link the original post {link}

2. Thank the person who tagged you.

Thank you SO much, AgsInAlaska! This tag looks like so much fun!

3. Answer the 10 original questions and then answer the 4 questions the person who tagged you made

Here are AGsinAlaska’s questions (they are would-you-rathers).

1. Would you rather get a lot of Valentines Day cards for people you don’t know very well or only 1 card from you crush?

Oh, hmmmmm……I think I’d rather get just one card from my crush.


2. Would you rather host a Valentine’s Day party or be a guest at one?

Be a guest! That way I don’t have to clean up!


3. Would you rather receive only chocolate or only teddy bears for Valentines Day?



4. Would you rather spend Valentine’s day with friends or family?

Aww, c’mon! Both!


5. Would you rather receive a romantic card or a funny one?

Funny…romantic makes me uncomfortable.


6. Would you rather write a Valentines day poem to read aloud to your whole school or have a Valentine’s Day poster you made displaying everywhere in your school?

Ummm….neither. That sounds seriously embarrassing.


7. Would you rather make hand make cards for your friends or buy them?

Make them! Unless I had to make a whole lot, in which case I’d design them digitally.


8. Would you rather receive 100 chocolates or stuffed animals?

Definitely chocolate!


9. Would you rather get anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that you pick out for Valentine’s Day or a surprise gift?

If the person knew me well, then I’d pick the surprise,


10. Would you rather give cards to only boys or girls?

Oh, definitely girls. The only boy I know is kind of obnoxious.

AGsInAlaska’s questions;

Would you rather dress in pink or dress in red for Valentine’s Day?

I would rather dress in a light salmon pink.

Would you rather go on a date or hang out with your friends on Valentine’s Day?

Hang out with my friends. The only boy I know is obnoxious, as I said before, and that date would be somewhere between purgatory and hell…hehehe.

Would you rather cook a meal for your family on Valentine’s Day or go out to eat at a fancy restaurant?

I’d actually rather cook-I have food sensitivities, so it’s easier to eat at home.

That was super fun! I tag…anyone who wants to do this! Have fun!


Updates & More

Updates &.png

Hello, peeps! I’ve got a whole bucket-no, boatload-of news for you guys!

If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I’m slowing my posting down a bit on that blog for a little while. While it’s not specifically to focus on TTC, I will be doing some more on here. Some of these awesome updates are;

  • I’m getting a domain for TTC! I originally wasn’t planning to, but I found a hosting service that (shhh!) has waaaaay better prices than WP. I will most likely be making the big switch sometime in the next two weeks.
  • We’ve got a mascot! Yep, you read that right! I’d like you to meet Jeb, TTC’s officially un-licensed mascot (but don’t you dare steal him).
Fig. 1. Jeb
  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock or need glasses, you’ve probably noticed the new ‘Hall of Portals’ page! It’s basically just my unique take on the ‘buttons’ pages other blogs have. If you’d like to trade buttons, just let me know down below!
  • I have a very, very special surprise being set up on TTC’s new site! That’s all I can say currently, though. (sorrynotsorry)
  • This is technically unrelated to blogging, but I’m kind of bubbling over right now…my Mom said we could start looking for another cat to adopt! I’m voting for a seal-gray siamese.

I hope this post wasn’t too random and discombobulated, hehe. I’m certainly looking forward to TTC’s update, are you?


5 Common Ballet Myths Debunked

5 common.png

Hello, there peeps! Today I thought I’d debunk some common myths about ballet-because as a dancer, I this drives me crazy! So, without further ado, real ballet!

Myth #1. Ballerinas Are All Skinny, Tiny Wimps

Yeah….no. First of all, we are not all tiny and skinny. I am certainly not an incredibly skinny person, and I dance. In fact, incredibly skinny people often have a lot of trouble in dancing because it’s harder for them to balance. Second of all, dancers are very, very strong. Think about it; we have to support our entire body weight through our toes and ankles. Plus, we have to have iron-strong cores in order to be lifted off the ground and not flop. We also have to hold our legs up at insanely high angles for long periods. We are not weak, guys.

Myth #2. ”Toe Shoes”

UGH! NO! They are known as POINTE shoes, not toe, block, or hard shoes. And don’t you dare spell it ‘Point’. And no, you don’t get them whenever you want. In order to get pointe shoes, you have to have correct technique, a strong core, and your feet need to mostly done growing. Otherwise, you can seriously injure yourself.

Myth #3. We Wear Tutus to Every Class

At my ballet school, we are only allowed to wear cap-sleeved or camisole leotards in our assigned colors, pink tights, and pink canvas ballet shoes. No lace, no keyhole backs, no leather shoes. Except on Saturdays, when we’re there for 4 hours, and we can wear whatever we want, any other kind of attire is frowned upon. We only wear tulle skirts for performances, and actual tutus are usually reserved for older dancers (except this year, I finally get to wear one! JOY!)

Myth #4. All Ballets Are About Princesses

Nope! Take the Nutcracker-not a single princess in that one, unless you count the sugarplum fairy. Don Quixote, Les Sylphides, and Le Corsair are all princess-free. So there. And another note-NEVER watch the Barbie versions of these ballets-they are utterly incorrect.

Myth #5. Ballet is Easy

It’s not. Just no.


Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed my little rant on the myths of ballet- I need to wrap this up quick, ’cause I have class in an hour, hehe.







How to Survive Any Bad Day

How to surviveany bad day.png

Everyone’s had them at some point. You wake up, and just know today is going to suck. And it does. You get an F on your math test, your favorite shirt is stained, and you drop your lunch in the mud. On, and on, and on the misfortune goes, until the day ends and you lie in bed hating yourself and feeling awful.

Well, I’m here to rescue you, along with my friend, Billy Bob the Blobfish.

Bob is an expert in bad days and feeling mopey. Bob, what can you tell us about bad days?

”I hate them.”

No, I mean, what causes them?

”Aliens with lasers shooting from their eyeballs abducting you and then putting you back.”

Excuse me?


Sure what?

”Sure, you’re excused.”

Well, can you tell us about a bad day you had recently?

”Oh, yeah, totally. I woke up, and I ate the worst sandwich ever, because my roommate Joe the octopus makes awful sandwiches but I needed to clear out the fridge, so I ate one and it was terrible. Then I just went back to bed.”

Okay, then. Thank you, Bob.

”I’d say it was a pleasure, but it wasn’t really, because I’d rather have slept in.”

Seeing as how utterly unhelpful Billy Bob was, I’ll just do this whole thing myself. Usually, I find that bad days are caused by one little thing going wrong. That one thing sets the mood for the rest of the day, and everything goes wrong. For example, Bob said he ate a terrible sandwich. Had he not just gone back to bed, he probably would have found that everything else was awful and terrible and it all sucked.

It’s tempting to just go back to bed when you’re having a bad day, as Bob demonstrated, but here’s the raw truth; If you go back to bed, you’re letting that day kick you. Do you want to just quietly let that stupid bad day push you around?

”Meh. Whatever. As long as I have a sandwich, I’m good.”

Bob, why are you still here?

”I kinda fell asleep and going home is too much work. You got any bread?”

Ah, look in the cabinet over there. Anyway, as I was saying, going to back to bed is defeat. The bad day has won. Instead of letting the day win, here’s how to fight it;

  1. Realize that you can always turn your day around, at any time, whether you just got up, or you just finished lunch.
  2. When you feel the bad-day demons crawling up to you, punch them in the nose and stick a sock over their head take a step back. Realize that just because your shirt is stained doesn’t mean that everything else has to be bad. Take a deep breath, and wear your second favorite shirt.
  3. Do something nice for someone. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but-

”Hey, would you mind spreading peanut butter on this sandwich? My fins are too stubby. Or maybe I’m just  too lazy. I’m too lazy to find out.”

Fine. *Starts spreading peanut butter* as I was saying, doing something nice for someone else can seriously boost your mood. It’s actually been scientifically proven, believe it or not. Bob, here’s your sandwich.

”Thanks.” *mamf*

4. Smile. Even if you don’t feel happy, just smile. It will make a difference.

I hope this post will help you next time you have a bad day, and-

*snores loudly*

I’m just gonna wrap this up quickly, hehe.

I feel like a

I hope this post helps you next time you feel like Bob.





Valentines’ Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Parmesan Cheese.png

Valentine’s day! A day of love, friendship, and chocolate!


A day of mutual peace, at least?


A day of total embarrassment because you gave the person you hate the wrong impression that you like them because you gave them a card only because you had to give one to everyone?

Nailed it.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though! You don’t have to end up in a wreck, and you don’t have to break your piggy bank to get a card to everyone. I’ve got ideas for everyone on your list, from the person you actually like to the person you can’t stand.

Let’s start with the latter.

For the Person You Loathe


Option #1. Give ’em a plastic sandwich bag with a few conversation hearts and a typed note that says ”Happy valentine’s day”. Extra credit if the conversation hearts are slightly crushed.

Option #2. Give them a disgusted emoji card.

For Your Friends


Option #1. Copy the above quote onto a card, tape it to a chocolate bar. Give to your friend.

Option #2. Make them chocolate covered strawberries, give them a simple red heart card. Eat several strawberries while you are making them.

For The Person You Like


Option #1. Give them a handmade card like the one above.

Option #2. Actually walk up to them, and give them chocolate strawberries. The gesture will be appreciated greatly, trust me.


Here’s to a Valentine’s Day of mutual peace! And chocolate!