So Long, January: Hello February!

So long, January..png

Hello, peeps! It’s the last day of January! WHERE DID IT GO?? ONLY 11 MONTHS OF 2018 LEFT! I thought today would be a good day to wrap things up and too let you know what I’m doing next month.

Looking Back

This month,  I;

  • Started TTC! *fireworks*
  • Had my birthday
  • Realized a lot of important things about blogging (Do you want a post on that?)
  • Posted 8 times on TTC
  • Crocheted adorable little amigurumi octopi! They were so cute!
  • Hit 63 followers on my doll blog, and hit 21 followers here

Wowza! That’s a lot! January was pretty darn great, and I’m looking forward to February.

Peeking Ahead

In February I’ll;

  • Be posting some great stuff including a review, a Valentine’s Day survival guide, and an awesome collab with the amazing Zella
  • Losing a bunch of teeth. I have like, 3 that are loose right now, and I need to lose them so I can get braces. Yay! (Sarcasm, I’m not really looking forward to a mouthful of wires).
  • Obsessively waiting every week for it to be 9 pm on Thursday so I can watch The Flash…because I am shamelessly obsessed with that show.
  • Making all-natural gummy fruit snacks! I tried once before, but I didn’t strain the mixture enough, so I had jellies rather than gummies. I’ll do a post/video on how that goes.
  • Be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 13th because unfortunately it falls on Ash Wednesday this year, and I have to fast…any other Catholics here relate?
  • Might make an insta or Facebook! Still considering this one.

How was your January? What are looking forward to doing in February?




22 thoughts on “So Long, January: Hello February!

  1. I also had to get my teeth pulled so I can get braces in a few months. Yay (not). I can’t believe January is already over! I went on vacation, the rest was regular old stuff.

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      1. I went to Disney World! I don’t think I should share to too many people where I went, though. It was fun! Have you been? Ugh, I’m really dreading braces!

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      2. Don’t worry, you two – braces aren’t that bad at all! Aside from the fact that you have them for 1-3 years, which may seem like a long time, they’re just . . . there, if that makes sense. 😉 Plus, they give you a conversation starter when you’re meeting new people! You get to pick out fun colors and everything. I am getting mine off in August, so it’s been a year and a half already! It really seemed to fly by.

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      3. Cool! I get it, it’s like when I have to wear an expander. I hope I’ll be able to pick my color. A lot of people I know got too, so I probably will. Wow, a year and a half! Mine will likely be longer, considering it took 2 years to actually end up getting the braces (probably around April, but they started the process early 2016).

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      4. They’re not really painful, even when you use the little key to expand it. They’re mainly a pain to get food from out of it, plus embarrassing because you can’t pronounce words that end in an “E” sound, so it’s like having a lisp.

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      5. That does happen, especially in the beginning. When you first get them on, it hurts for about a week and you sleep with wax covering your braces so they don’t rub. After that, every time you get them tightened, it hurts for 2-3 days. But at this point for me, it doesn’t hurt for very long. It is kind of annoying, but once you’re mouth is used to rubbing against metal, it doesn’t hurt at all.

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      6. Haha, Arabella, Disney World is awesome! What was your favorite part? (I go there a bunch,)
        ❤️Diamond @

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  2. You did a bunch of nice stuff in January and I can’t wait til February! Happy (late) birthday! Haha, TTC. I always think Transportation and Ticket Center(probably bc I was just there,😂)
    Ugh, braces. I luckily don’t need any😁😁Good luck!
    ❤️Diamond @

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    1. Later into your treatment, the orthodontist may prescribe elastic bands to hang around your jaw area in your mouth. It seems pretty silly if you imagine it, but they will stifle your everyday mouth-required activities like talking, yawning….that sort of thing.

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      1. Oh…weird! I hope I don’t need those. My mouth isn’t terrible, I just have a few gaps and crooked teeth. The main reason I need the braces is because I have a deformed tooth and for some reason this is a big deal, so I’m going to get a cap over it so it looks normal. I never even noticed it until my dentist pointed it out, though…


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