Blogging Expectations vs Reality (In Honor of 20+ Followers)


I HIT 20+ FOLLOWERS! *Does happy dance to awesome music* C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N! WHOOP-WHOOP!

I need to calm down, sorry.

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for 20+ followers! It’s amazing to think that more than 20 real, living, breathing people think my blog is awesome enough to bother reading the ramblings of a not-quite-sane 12-year-old photography queen.

So-o-o-o-o-o in honor of that incredible fact, I’m doing a Blogging Expectation vs Reality Bonanza post!  YAY! still not calm

I don’t know why everyone loves these posts, probably because as you read them you’re just like ”Oh my head, so true” So hopefully you will find these funny, and I’m not saying blogging isn’t fun-it can just be a little frustrating at times, so don’t be turned off by my exaggerations.

I’ve been talking for way too long 

Let’s PARTY!

1. Starting a Blog

Expectation; *sits down at computer* This will be easy, just like WP said it would be! I’ll just do this and this, and this, a-a-a-nd voila! My new blog is so awesome looking, and it was a piece of cake.

Now then, my first post is published! Oop! Look, I’ve got 5 likes already!

Reality; *sits down at computer* This shouldn’t be hard…no, that’s not how it’s supposed to look, hmm…WHAT? Nobody told me you had to pay $40 a year, c’mon! Ugh, my header picture looks weird…aw, man, I made it too small, and I didn’t save it!

FINALLY! I got my first post up! Now I just wait for the likes to come a-rollin’ in!

1 hour later

Still no likes? COME ON, PEOPLE!

2. Making a Post

Expectation; Oop, it’s Tuesday! Good thing my awesome, 100% planned and correctly spelled post is already scheduled to post in 10 minutes.

Reality; AHHHHH IT’S TUESDAY WHERE DID MONDAY GO I NEED TO POST AAHHHH! *googles ‘blog post ideas’* *furiously types post*

3. Your Blog Confidence

Expectation; Oh no! I forgot to post on Friday! Well, that’s okay. My readers will understand, and I’ll just get back on my normal schedule on Tuesday. No biggie!

Reality; OH NO!! OH TRAGEDY!! I didn’t post on Friday! I’ll lose all my followers and become a forgotten blogger, noooooooooo! What if people get mad at me because I haven’t replied to emails? WHAT AM I GONNA DO???

*I’d just like to note that I know none of you would ever leave me,  and that I’m not saying you would*

4. Your Blog’s Originality

Expectation; My blog is so awesome and unique! It’s the only one like it on the internet! All my posts are fresh and original!

Reality #1; I designed my blog to look like this blogger I admire….

Reality #2; I did all these awesome unique things and now everyone copies me…

5. How Many Readers You Have

Expectation; Only 5 people read my blog, it’s so sad…

Reality; WH-A-T? 20 followers?? WOWZA!!


I hope you guys enjoyed my rather exaggerated insights into the life of a blogger, and that I didn’t scare you too much! I love you guys so much, and you continually make my day!




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