So Long, January: Hello February!

So long, January..png

Hello, peeps! It’s the last day of January! WHERE DID IT GO?? ONLY 11 MONTHS OF 2018 LEFT! I thought today would be a good day to wrap things up and too let you know what I’m doing next month.

Looking Back

This month,  I;

  • Started TTC! *fireworks*
  • Had my birthday
  • Realized a lot of important things about blogging (Do you want a post on that?)
  • Posted 8 times on TTC
  • Crocheted adorable little amigurumi octopi! They were so cute!
  • Hit 63 followers on my doll blog, and hit 21 followers here

Wowza! That’s a lot! January was pretty darn great, and I’m looking forward to February.

Peeking Ahead

In February I’ll;

  • Be posting some great stuff including a review, a Valentine’s Day survival guide, and an awesome collab with the amazing Zella
  • Losing a bunch of teeth. I have like, 3 that are loose right now, and I need to lose them so I can get braces. Yay! (Sarcasm, I’m not really looking forward to a mouthful of wires).
  • Obsessively waiting every week for it to be 9 pm on Thursday so I can watch The Flash…because I am shamelessly obsessed with that show.
  • Making all-natural gummy fruit snacks! I tried once before, but I didn’t strain the mixture enough, so I had jellies rather than gummies. I’ll do a post/video on how that goes.
  • Be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 13th because unfortunately it falls on Ash Wednesday this year, and I have to fast…any other Catholics here relate?
  • Might make an insta or Facebook! Still considering this one.

How was your January? What are looking forward to doing in February?




Blogging Expectations vs Reality (In Honor of 20+ Followers)


I HIT 20+ FOLLOWERS! *Does happy dance to awesome music* C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N! WHOOP-WHOOP!

I need to calm down, sorry.

Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for 20+ followers! It’s amazing to think that more than 20 real, living, breathing people think my blog is awesome enough to bother reading the ramblings of a not-quite-sane 12-year-old photography queen.

So-o-o-o-o-o in honor of that incredible fact, I’m doing a Blogging Expectation vs Reality Bonanza post!  YAY! still not calm

I don’t know why everyone loves these posts, probably because as you read them you’re just like ”Oh my head, so true” So hopefully you will find these funny, and I’m not saying blogging isn’t fun-it can just be a little frustrating at times, so don’t be turned off by my exaggerations.

I’ve been talking for way too long 

Let’s PARTY!

1. Starting a Blog

Expectation; *sits down at computer* This will be easy, just like WP said it would be! I’ll just do this and this, and this, a-a-a-nd voila! My new blog is so awesome looking, and it was a piece of cake.

Now then, my first post is published! Oop! Look, I’ve got 5 likes already!

Reality; *sits down at computer* This shouldn’t be hard…no, that’s not how it’s supposed to look, hmm…WHAT? Nobody told me you had to pay $40 a year, c’mon! Ugh, my header picture looks weird…aw, man, I made it too small, and I didn’t save it!

FINALLY! I got my first post up! Now I just wait for the likes to come a-rollin’ in!

1 hour later

Still no likes? COME ON, PEOPLE!

2. Making a Post

Expectation; Oop, it’s Tuesday! Good thing my awesome, 100% planned and correctly spelled post is already scheduled to post in 10 minutes.

Reality; AHHHHH IT’S TUESDAY WHERE DID MONDAY GO I NEED TO POST AAHHHH! *googles ‘blog post ideas’* *furiously types post*

3. Your Blog Confidence

Expectation; Oh no! I forgot to post on Friday! Well, that’s okay. My readers will understand, and I’ll just get back on my normal schedule on Tuesday. No biggie!

Reality; OH NO!! OH TRAGEDY!! I didn’t post on Friday! I’ll lose all my followers and become a forgotten blogger, noooooooooo! What if people get mad at me because I haven’t replied to emails? WHAT AM I GONNA DO???

*I’d just like to note that I know none of you would ever leave me,  and that I’m not saying you would*

4. Your Blog’s Originality

Expectation; My blog is so awesome and unique! It’s the only one like it on the internet! All my posts are fresh and original!

Reality #1; I designed my blog to look like this blogger I admire….

Reality #2; I did all these awesome unique things and now everyone copies me…

5. How Many Readers You Have

Expectation; Only 5 people read my blog, it’s so sad…

Reality; WH-A-T? 20 followers?? WOWZA!!


I hope you guys enjoyed my rather exaggerated insights into the life of a blogger, and that I didn’t scare you too much! I love you guys so much, and you continually make my day!




5 Hilarious Things That Make No Sense

5 things.png

Hello, there, pretzels! Happy Friday! Today I’ve got a roundup of some ridiculous/funny/downright hilarious things that make no sense. From mourning burned-down taco restaurants to children’s songs about killing birds, some things make you stop and think! XD

1. ‘Alouette’

ATbr7ogyc.jpgMost people have heard it. It’s a French children’s song. 99% of people who hear it once get it stuck in their heads and sing it repetitively until somebody smacks them. It’s about a bird, we all know. But what else, who knows? Well, according to google translate, this is what you’re singing;

Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
I’ll pluck your head off,
(I’ll pluck your head)
and head
(and head)

Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
I’ll pluck your beak,
(I’ll pluck your beak)
and head
(and head)
and beak
(and Beak)

Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
Lark, Nice Lark,
Lark, I’ll pluck you,
I’ll pluck your back,
(I’ll pluck your back)
and head
(and head)
and beak
(and Beak)
and back
(and back)

I kid you not. Seems like French children must be particularly violent…

2. Candlelight Vigils for Taco Bell

Check out the original article here

”When a beloved Taco Bell restaurant in Montgomery, Alabama, went up in flames last week, the fire destroyed the building.

No, no one was actually harmed in the fire, but it seemed to leave many Taco Bell fans in mourning.

In fact, more than 100 of them gathered for a candlelight vigil.”

My first reaction?


”Oh, it’s so terrible! Where am I going to get nachos at 11:30 at night? What will I do when I crave tacos at 1 AM?” *sobs*

My second thought?

Why are you holding a candlelight vigil when those are a fire hazard? Just saying.

My third reaction?

I need a taco…

3. Pizza


The box is square. Yet the pie is a circle. Can I ask why? Did you not go to preschool? This has always puzzled me.

4. Cartoon Character’s Clothing


Why do they wear the same thing episode after episode? WHY? Is it so hard for their outfit to change?

5. Fun Size Candy


So…um, why is it so much fun to get less candy? And they cost way more…and you get like, 8 M&MS. Someone please explain this to me.


I hope you guys enjoyed my crazy rambling little rant, and I’m sorry this post was a day late. I’m a lazy person.




Versatile Blogger Award; Thanks, Zella!


Hello, friendlies! Zella nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award last week, and I’ve been looking forward to doing it. The rules are;

•Thank the person who gave you this award.

•Include a link to their blog.

•Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

•Nominate those 15 bloggers for the VBA.

•Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Thank you, Zella! I really appreciate it!

Check out Zella’s awesome blog;

I won’t be nominating 15 bloggers, but here are some you should definitely check out;

  1. Molly And Moo
  2. Lula Boo
  3. Nancy Drew
  4. AG Doll Dreams

Have fun, you guys!

Now, 7 facts about me;

  • I have gray eyes and blond hair
  • I always have a hair tie (or six) on my wrist
  • I didn’t get my ears pierced or my hair cut until I was ten years old
  • I’m a baptized Roman Catholic
  • I’m nearsighted
  • I love writing, but I’ve never been able to come up with a good story
  • I have an obsession with crayons. I have an enormous box of 164 that I won’t let anyone touch because I don’t want them ground into sad little stubs.

Again, thank you so much, Zella! I really enjoyed this!



Thank You So Much!

animated-thank-you-image-0164I checked my notifications bar today, and WHAT? I have 31 amazing, wonderful followers! That’s insane!


TTC has only been on the web for just under two weeks! That means that an average of two people followed PER DAY. It’s nuts, I’m telling you.

That’s not to say I’m arguing!

Thank you all SO much, you make my day!



Monthly Must-Haves; January!

Hey, there, pretzels! I have a very fun monthly post series for you, starting…today! I’m calling it Monthly Must-Haves, and it’s basically just my wishlist of things I want this month…and probably won’t end up getting because I’m kind of broke. But a girl can dream, right?


image3xxlWomen’s Bell Sleeve High-Low Top, $32, Old Navy

So pretty and spring-ish! (wait, is that a word?) I’m kind of tired of winter at this point; all we east-coasters have had is light snow and sleet. Ugh. I especially like the tiered sleeves.

sian-denim-skirtRiders by Lee Women’s Denim Skirt, $18.02, Walmart

I LOVE the cut and the length. I neeeeeed this! I have a navy blue lace-up top that would look awesome with it.

watermelonteeWomen’s Fleece Lined  Sweatshirt, $19.99,

I am a sweatshirt girl, no doubt. I am drooling over this one with it’s gorgeous color!



Pusheen the Cat Mug, $14.97,

So I have a slight obsession with Pusheen the Cat, and the polka dot background is just so pretty!


Narwhal Throw Blanket, $44.97,

I know, I know, it’s so expensive, BUT IT’S SO CUTE! That little face…the doughnut…..must have this.



Hershey’s Gold, $1.99, Walmart

So technically this isn’t even chocolate per say, but that doesn’t stop me (the chocolate queen) from wanting one! It looks SO TASTY!


Potato Chip Covered Peanuts, $5.99,

Genius, dude. Potato chips and peanuts, in one crunchy delicious bite! And while they are inordinately overpriced online, there’s a Wawa near me that sells them for $2.50 a pack. Mmmmm…

Are you wanting any of these items? What’s on your wishlist this month?


Teacup Pigs and Puppies//Cute Pictures Included!

Hey, peeps!

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day, and I showed her a picture of my cat. I was telling that she was really cute as a kitten, and that I wished she could have stayed that way forever. Lo and behold, my friend said that she had always wanted a teacup pig. I was like, ”what?” and she told me it was a breed of pig that stays tiny forever. Well, with that I was SOLD. I had to find out more, and er, ah, possibly get my hands on one.

teacup pig


So, after 45 minutes of googling, comparing, and using my better judgement, I came up with the following verified facts.

  • Teacup pigs are not an official breed of pig
  • ‘Teacup’ is just an adjective that breeders use to make pigs more valuable
  • Even if you get a pig from an honest breeder, many people do not realize that normal-sized pigs grow to be 500-700 pounds, so a very, very small pig would be 40-50 pounds, much bigger than most people expect.
  • Many ‘teacup’ pigs are underfed, and their growth is stunted.

In short? Teacup pigs don’t exist like people expect them to. While they might fit into a teacup as newborn piglets, even a very small full-grown pig is larger than most people want. Tragically, the adorable above piggy can’t stay that way forever.

Rather disappointed, I turned my attention to another, similar search term; teacup puppies.


I googled and searched some more, and I came up with the following;

  • Teacup puppies are not an official dog breed
  • A ‘toy-sized’ dog is an official term, a dog smaller than 7 pounds and shorter than 10 inches at the shoulder is a toy-sized dog
  • ‘Teacup’ is an unofficial term used to describe a dog that is smaller than 5 pounds
  • Honest breeders will specify that ‘teacup’ is a unofficial term

Once again, I was SOLD. I looked at prices, care, and where to get them, and here is the summary;

  • Teacup dogs are not much harder to care for than any other small dog (like a Chihuahua), although they do require a little extra care
  • The most common teacup dog breeds are Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Maltese, and Yorkies. The above puppy is a Pomeranian estimated to grow to be 4 pounds or less.
  • These dogs are highly prized, and can go for as much as $3,995 for a tiny Shih Tzu
  • There are online breeders who you can buy a puppy from, and the puppy will be flown with a human escort. Generally, that adds about $150 to your total puppy price.

In short? Teacup puppies DO exist, although unofficially. They will probably not fit in a teacup forever, but they will stay very small their whole lives. These puppies are highly prized however, and have a price tag to  match; $500-$600 for a toy-sized puppy, and more for a teacup.

My verdict? I definitely want one of these sweet little dogs, preferably a Maltese or Pomeranian. I will most likely be doing a lot more research (as my parents always have me research a pet before seriously considering getting one), but for now, here’s some more cute puppy pictures;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*dies of cuteness overload*

See you soon, pretzels!


10 Things I Can’t Live Without


Hello, pretzels! (Yes, I’m going to continue my tradition of calling you strange food-related names. Tough cookies. Pun intended.) Today I have a post for you on 10 things I can’t live without-or at least live sanely without. Hehehe.

1. Hand Sanitizer

It’s not just for killing germs! A dab of hand sanitizer on a lipstick stain will significantly fade it to a very light pink. It will take ink stains (including sharpie!) off of your skin. If you get the scented kind, it can double as light perfume. And of course, it will sanitize anything you use it on. I keep a bottle in my purse and dance bag at all times.


2. Eos Lip Balm

It smells SO GOOD. I cannot live without this especially in the winter, when my lips get chapped easily. Another perk is that these lip balms are round, so you can find them easily in your purse. My favorite scent is the coconut almond milk.


3. Microfiber Cloth

I wear glasses (I want contacts though!) and they get dusty/smeared/misted easily. I could just wipe them off on my shirt, but that often doesn’t cut it. So I keep a microfiber drawstring pouch in my purse and dance bag. It’s also useful to put my glasses in when I’m actually dancing (pirouettes are the bane of glasses, hehe.)


4. Whisps Cheese Crisps

THESE. ARE. SO. GOOD. And all they’re made of is cheese? Gimme. They come in cheddar and parmesan (I like the parmesan best) and you can get them at Walmart. Try them, you must, young Padawan.

5. Yarn

I love yarn. Every time I go Walmart or Michaels, I spend like 20 minutes just walking past all those sumptuous, colorful yarns just waiting for me to knit or crochet them into something fluffy! (Would you guys like a post on my favorite patterns?) Let’s just say I have to be careful about when I go to stores with yarn or I end up spending all my money.

6. WordPress App

I really don’t like having my notifications bar all cluttered up after I go somewhere, so I don’t know what I’d do without my WP app.

7. ‘Mark All As Read’

Hehehehehe, ultimate loophole. I always make myself check my email and do administrative bloggy stuff before I do fun stuff (like building giant zebras in Minecraft) and I get like 45 emails on a slow day. Being able to hit ‘mark all as read’ is a life and time saver.

8. My Cats

I have two, and they make everything better. Sooooooo fuuuuuuuzzy……Especially when they sleep with me.

9. VitaminWaterZero

It tastes like a soda. But it has no calories and no sugar. It’s genius! And delicious! The lemonade flavor is best, btw.

10. All Of You

I know that sounds corny, but I really couldn’t live without all of your awesome sweet comments and support. You guys continually make my day. Thank you so much for 13 followers!







Hello and Welcome

keyboard.pngHi, there! You may know me from my doll blog, The American Girl Spot, or you may have just been googling around. However you found me, welcome to my blog.

Taking the Cake is a blog about lots of things, mainly my life. How my lizard nearly got eaten by my cat, how I totally failed at making a batch of cookies, my favorite flavors of ice cream, all the little things that make life, life.

And I try to live it with flair.

That’s not to say I always crush it, though…

Tomorrow I will have a post for you on what I got for my birthday (which is today), and on Wednesday I’ll be doing a post on… something. To be determined, hehe.

I’ll see you then.