Three Leather Jacket Outfits I Can’t Wait To Wear

Hi, people!

I love fall. I realize I’m about to inadvertently ally myself with scores of other teenage girls online who are all collectively shouting ”I LOVE FALL!!!”, so let me set myself apart with a few disclaimers. Sweaters are not my thing, I don’t like pumpkin spice (sorry), cute boots are virtually impossible to find in wide width, and aesthetics puzzle me (someone explain to me how they work? and what their purpose is?)

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Scrunchies, Guitars, And Broken Piggy Banks|All The Recent Amusing Things

featured image inspired by Emmie, whose graphics making skills are way better than mine

Hey, guys!

I’m attempting to come back full-force to the blogiverse, since I really do miss saying ridiculous things online, and miss all my friends here even more. I thought the easiest way to start would be with a somewhat disorganized but at least somewhat entertaining rundown of all the things I’ve been doing. You’re welcome.

In a fit of boredom-induced marketing zeal, last week I actually styled my hair (as opposed to my usual, ‘it-is-what-it-is-and-today-its-a-dumpster-fire’ approach, i.e. just not doing anything), put scrunchies in, and took some promotional photos for my Etsy shop. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to use them for, but they did come out looking pretty okay by my standards.

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Corvettes Don’t Buy Themselves + Get Free Scrunchies!

*Edit: I am now offering a 30% discount on anything in my shop for bloggers and YouTubers wanting to do a sponsored post and/or giveaway*

Hey there, people!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but instead of doing a long ‘sorry-I’ve-been-gone-I-promise-to-do-better-which-in-reality-means-pretty-darn-much-nothing’ post, I bring you something better (I hope).

click to go to aforesaid shop

I’m launching an Etsy shop! The obvious questions:

Why on Earth are you starting an Etsy shop?

You see, at the age of 14.5 I have set my heart on a 1983 white C4 Corvette with a red racing stripe and a 383 engine (any The A-Team fans here will catch my drift). Corvettes, unfortunately, do not buy themselves. Hence, I’m selling scrunchies. Also because it’s summer, I’m bored, and it keeps me out of trouble (ask me about my adventures in prank texting).

What’s so special about YOUR scrunchie shop?

Well if I’m being self-deprecating, not much. If I’m being a half-decent marketing advocate, most scrunchies are priced almost ridiculously high (I’m not paying $7 for a hair tie, even if it’s locally sourced cotton taken with permission from the happy cotton plants and then lovingly hand sewed by fairies into a scrunchie. Sorry). My scrunchies are priced at $2.50 each-even less if you buy a set- with free shipping. Now you have to admit that that’s at least a little less run of the mill (oh also they’re fruit themed. Just saying).

Tell me more about the free scrunchies in the title up there.

Yes, that. Not clickbait, because clickbait is a terrible thing done by terrible human beings. You can indeed get free scrunchies! When starting a new Etsy shop, one of the things you need to do is advertise. And what better way to advertise than to sponsor some posts on the blogiverse? I’d love to send you some scrunchies (some to keep and some to give away) in exchange for a review on your blog!

Interested? Shoot me an email using this exceedingly handy little form (make sure you include your site address, please)

Note, if you’re in the WP reader, you may not see the form and need to go to the actual site. A few people were having link issues with the form, so if it doesn’t work, feel free to email me directly at

DIY Lace Up Shirt

Greetings and salutations, lovely humans!

Perhaps this isn’t where most people’s minds go when everything they had planned for two weeks is cancelled and the government mandates their state to self-quarantine, but when all the COVID-19 insanity reached a fever pitch, my first thought was ‘great! I’m going to cut up a shirt!’

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DIY Fangirl Pins|IH12OP Blog Tour

Salutations, lovely readers!

This one’s for all the obsessive fangirls (and guys) out there. DIY lapel pins! Made out of that one craft supply we all loved as kids and now think is useless, but isn’t.

Which craft supply?

I’ll tell you after this special announcement.

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45 Tips For The Upcoming School Year

Greetings and salutations, lovely humans!

It’s September and that means cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and school. Cooler weather won’t be here for a while near the Chesapeake Bay, and pumpkin spice is inevitable, so today I’m collabing with Bayance, who is seriously the sweetest blogger around and writes fabulous lifestyle posts, and Deeja who writes amazing and thoughtful posts, to bring you 45 tips for this school year! We split the tips three ways so you get to do some fun blog-hopping.

  1. Keep a laminated list of everything you need for school in your backpack, so you can quickly go through and check that you have everything.
  2. Have an organizational system that you stick to the entire semester/year, such as color coded tabs or different folders. 
  3. Do as much as you can ahead of time (i.e. the night before, etc) as it’ll cut down on stress. As a bonus, if you have less to do in the morning, it means you can wake up a little later.
  4. Use a whiteboard to keep track of your assignments easily. Put it in a highly visible place, write down your assignments on it, and cross them off as you finish.
  5. Make sure you work on assignments in a distraction-free area, like a bedroom or an office. (but hey, hiding in the closet works just fine, too)
  6. Decorate your binders and notebooks, because you’ll be more motivated to work if your school supplies are pretty.
  7. Put your name on eeeeeeeverything (backpacks, notebooks, binders, hoodies, what-have-you) because you do not want to be losing stuff.
  8. Make a friend in every class. Knowing someone in every class ensures that if you miss a class or a concept, you can ask a friend to explain it to you or bring you up to speed.
  9. With big assignments, like huge essays, make a plan to do a little each day to stay motivated and finish on time.
  10. Take notes, especially in long and sometimes boring classes. Taking notes in a class you find boring can help your mind stay on track and help you retain the information better.
  11. Make a game plan for getting assignments done each day, such as when, where, and in what order you’ll do them.
  12. Use class time wisely. For example, if the teacher is done lecturing but there’s ten minutes left, use that time to get a jump on your other assignments.
  13. Turn your phone off and disable social media notifications while you’re doing schoolwork.
  14. Make ground rules, like no Netflix until homework is done, or no Instagram until you’ve finished half your work.
  15. Coffee and tea are your best friends.

Want 30 more tips for an awesome school year? Check out Bayance’s post which is chock-full of great tips for high schoolers written from the perspective of a freaking amazing one, and Deeja’s post which is all about studying because let’s face it we need all the tips we can get in that department. So go get some tips!

(now. why are you still here, I said go!)